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Wednesday, 20 September 2017

TOUGH WOMAN 2004 & 2007.

As anyone in the States got more info on this one?I was led to believe that these events ceased around 1999/2000.But here we have rather badly filmed action from years later.


Bikini action from Freshfites,not bad thought the slapping for me is a little tame.

Bellatrix Female Warriors Episode 10,Where are they now??

When we were in Germany a little while back I was asked by a friend who had more than once flown into Stanstead and made the short journey into East Anglia to attend a show from Bellatrix,what had become of them?
I too had noticed they were  missing from You Tube and until I spoke to a friend who lives in Norwich thought possibly they had gone out of business.
Apparently they are up to Bellatrix 26 a pay per view event which costs £4.99 to watch on tv,but on which channel he couldn't tell me.

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Action from Russia.

It's always interesting to see  some of these girls fighting on almost home ground as it isn't till they depart homes in Armenia and Kazakstan for Germany that we here of them.


These were two girls who were genuine rivals and put on an exciting bout without a bare breast in sight.

Hana was the girl who trained many of the new girls before departing in 2007 to head Foxy Combat.

Monday, 18 September 2017

Just a Thought 44.

As someone who as been around the wrestling game for a good number of years I have lost count of the number of times people tell me it's a fix.My own time in the ring didn't last very long but even when I have been out with friends whose injuries make my bad back look minor we here the same thing,the last time was only the other day when a young guy who plays football,that's soccer to my friends Stateside,was trying a wind up.

Just for once we really had the last laugh when the sports report on tv told that Marco Asensio a star player at Real Madrid would be missing from a game having picked up an infection from shaving his legs!!!
Some hard man eh!!The only wrestler I met that did that was a young lady.
More on Footie!!
As if leg shaving wasn't enough around 20,00 fans came from Cologne to support their team in their game against Arsenal problem was they were only allocated 3,00 tickets needless to say trouble broke out and riot police
were called in,by the time they got things under control the kick off was delayed by an hour.Oh and Arsenal won 3-1!

Pink Collar: A Boxing Documentary.

This is about three years old now but still worth a watch,the background to Pink Collar Boxing and how the girls get involved.Plus the complete fight footage,