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Sunday, 23 October 2016

Intergender Wrestling | Just Plain Evil v Devin Lockhart

I have to think there is only one headliner down under as be they male or female JPE is there to give em a bashing.

World`s Strongest Woman-2016. Fantastic medley! Lidiia Hunko and Olga Li...

I had to include this having just spoken with the ex about our trip to Germany later this month.It's bad enough to have to pay extra for over weight luggage on low cost airlines but then to have to carry it between airports,trains and hotels you have to think wouldn't it be nice to get her in training and she could do it herself.

Saturday, 22 October 2016


Worth making a note of if you are able to visit London on the 19th of

November,Monica's latest event takes place and just a taster some of the action from her July & September meetings.

Contact details and a booking form are on her website.


Wherever you go of late be it sports events
or just a local bar you will see a girl with tat's.Years ago a tattoo on a woman would mean she was a tough cookie,so it's hardly surprising that they have been taken on board by
female wrestlers.But who is sporting the best??

My own favourite was Kathy Gifford but she seems to have departed the scene and competetion is coming from some of Simone's girls at Bitchfight UK and Louise
from the Rowley Gym who is a definite candinate.Sadly her wrestling talents don't seem to serve her well in girl on girl bouts as it appears she as lost all three of her contests,though she does appear to fare better in mixed bouts.

Friday, 21 October 2016

Ebo Summer Slugfest Sam Cowley Vs Zoe Wimbledon

If what I'm told is correct and Zoe Wimbledon is not doing as much in the semi pro boxing ring and favouring the world of MMA it will be a great shame though I doubt Miss Cowley will miss her.

Chaoz Minowa vs Chan Mi Lim (10.09.2016) BOXING FULL FIGHT

I was fascinated by this one,lovely sunny day in the Lake Park,Sejong, South Korea with a boxing bout taking place.
The winner Chaoz Minowa from Tokyo in Japan is twenty eight years old Light Fly Weight in only her second bout.

Thursday, 20 October 2016

07 Deborah Goldman vs Zoe Wimbledon

Another new name for me is the Golden Gloves Boxing League from Southend on Sea in Essex  who put on this bout featuring fitness instructor
Zoe Wimbledon,her opponent in the headgear is 42 years old housewife and mother of two Deborah Goldman who deserved credit for a brave show.
Another interesting name is the place Deborah trains Honeys Boxing Gym.