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Thursday, 30 June 2016

Lenny Stratton vs Nicole stratton

I can only think this is what's known as keeping it in the family.

Mixed Wrestling. Old lion vs Young lioness

I think this came from an early DWW meeting,though what an elderly gent was doing taking on on young lovely I can't imagine.The first thought that came to my mind was heart attack.

Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Steve Quintain vs. Sweet Saraya

Try and work out when this bout took place if you can.The very young looking Saraya in against Steve Quintain from Canvey Island in Essex.
In one respect this is a throw back to the halcyon days of wrestling with a bout fought over five minute rounds to be decided by the best of three falls,submissions or a K.O.


For those guys who fancy a spot of mixed action in the U.K.this new name to me as sprung up recently,they're on Face Book,Skype and I'm led to believe you can purchase a DVD for a fiver(£5).

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Briga do ano em mossoró rn

One of the problems for fight fans in the the weather,in warmer countries the sun comes out and the blood starts to boil.Here in the U.K.the situation rarely occurs.

JD - Barbed Wire Cage Death Match - Shark Tsuchiya vs Yoko Kosugi (1999 ...

Passing time as a habit of tricking the memory and this bout from 99 set a friend of mine thinking.Could this have taken place here in the that year??
What raised the question you may ask?My friend clearly recalled the panic surrounding the AID's virus which had promoters ban the use blood capsules and the old trick with a razor blade as those much sought after ringside seats became difficult to sell and this from the mid eighties or possibly even earlier.

Monday, 27 June 2016

Женские бои в грязи - Україна має талант-6 - Кастинг в Донецке

I have no idea where the craze started but like many countries around the globe we in the U.K.have to endure''Britain's got Talent''on our tv's,a prog where any deluded fruit cake who as sung in a karaoke bar is allowed to show their lack of talent.
The formula for the show as spread to places around the world and this is Ukraine's contribution.Whatever next???Will we have the third rate Elvis wrestle the failed ballet dancer in chocolate sauce???