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Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Heather Hardy Workout Highlights For 5.29.15 Fight

Heather"the heat"Hardy giving the press a brief glimpse of the effort she puts into fitness for a fight.
Some achievement for a thirty
 three years old mom.


A nice clip of the girls who put on the gloves for charity and their motivation.


If you were that skinny guy and you'd watched the power of that girl,would you join in?I think the word is masochist.

[wXw Match] Kay Lee Ray vs. Melanie Gray (06.06.2015 - Rostock)

Action from Germany,the Hanseatic City of Rostock in Northern Germany hosted this bout featuring Scotland's
Kay Lee Ray in action against Germany's Melanie Gray
an experienced wrestler of some nine years,who as also appeared as the Baroness of Arrogance,which translates equally well back to German as Baronin von Arroganz.

Monday, 6 July 2015

Ultra White Collar Boxing Birmingham | Fight 4

I always think it's a shame about the crash hats when the girls are often good lookers.


My thanks to our friend Nadine in Germany for pointing me in the way of this bout.
Alecia Melina Kummer originally from Buchholz and now a resident of Hamburg takes on Jekaterina Lecko
for the German GBA Lightweight Title.
Not an ideal match up as miss Necko as only two wins out of her eight bouts and one of those was on her debut.
Miss Kummer
on the other hand as stopped all her seven opponents inside the distance,only needing to box ten rounds in all.


I mentioned recently the FemWrestle meeting in Germany a short while back.The guy
behind the brilliant Mixed Wrestling Forum UK,did attend and as put together a great factual report of his time there.
As brief resume of his work the event was put on by the rather glum looking guy seen here
Cyrus.Great credit as to be given to him as anyone who as tried to organise even a much smaller local event will tell you just waiting and hoping the full complement of girls you have booked show up is stressful enough,so to organise something on this scale must be almost heart attack inducing.
The pics here are just a small selection of those featured on the forum so look up the forum and Zwieg.