Thursday, 30 October 2014

Competitive Female Wrestling Gloria vs Mary Ann

Don't know if it's the amount off

clothes or the smaller room but they certainly raised a head of sweat.

Nikki Storm vs. Kay Lee Ray - Fierce Females

Without going into the politics of the recent home rule for Scotland debate there is no doubt that for fans of

wrestling be it male or female the place to go in the Scotland.
With championship contenders like
Kay Lee Ray with her bright coloured outfits,never mind the hair in all action bouts with Nikki Storm
there can be few better places to be.


A friend in Germany asked if I could feature a favourite of his from the early days of DWW the lovely Marietta.Although possibly not the best wrestler her dark good looks really appealed to him.
Sadly one of the problems with the old VHS video tape was that over a time it could wear badly and this is what became of many early tapes from his collection.


Patrick will no doubt be the envy of fans worldwide,who would love nothing better than to be the victim of Kim Ly's smothering.

Wednesday, 29 October 2014


I have some times been a little over critical of Fighting Dolls,but this as changed my views.
A terrific bout featuring Luna another exponent of the breast smother.The contrast with the tanned body of Kim is striking with her pale skin getting redder by the minute and shining with sweat.

LGIS...Nicole v Krisina

I'm sure most fans have seen the lovely Nicole in boxing action for LGIS,but this is different a strip catfight with Krisina ending with all the goods on show.

Tuesday, 28 October 2014


I have to admit I'm defeated by the language and the fights have some strange scenarios.
e.g.What are two girls doing a sort of dance for,before they fight?
Pulling of nipples,breast slaps and a submissive girl given a good kicking.Just a bit of what to expect!!!