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Tuesday, 24 January 2017


As yet I have to see a boxing bout from Foxy Combat that rivals those of the earlier DWW bouts.Though this isn't a bad effort with the nice touch of the girls having seconds in their corner.


Lovely little girl puts on a good show of wrestling skills,but why is she wearing ear rings?A bit dangerous I would have thought.


Within hours of Nicola Adams
announcing she was to join the pro ranks it became the headliner in Pink News in order to remind those who may have forgotten that she is bi sexual.
Not to mention the headline writers who had just noticed that she is thirty four years old,had they done their homework they would realise that there are a number of girls that age and older who have made it to championships.
In one interview I have seen Nicola would love to fight for a World Title and though she didn't name names the nearest to home would against"The Killer Queen"Susi Kentikian
who despite being a few years younger doesn't seem to have the same killer instinct.

Monday, 23 January 2017


The rumour as been around for a while now that Nicola Adams
the U.K.Olympic gold medal winner was to turn pro are confirmed with her joining the Frank Warren Stable
and her first bout will be in April in Manchester followed in May with a bout in her home city of Leeds.


It can only be the mud which got in the eyes of our friends at the PrudeTube for them not to notice rather a lot of bare breast on show.

Sheena Kaine vs Christina Barry - Dekada Premier Fight Night June 4, 2016

An impressive show Sheena Kaine against Christina Barry one of those girls who comes for a fight.

NO 6

The good news is my eyes have been repaired and in a few short weeks with a new pair of spec's I can try and part my ex from the car.
Interesting news from a couple in Germany,the period over Christmas is not the best for wrestlers with few promotions.But following Frau Merkel's open door policy and the things that happened in Cologne and other German cities last year they found lots of well paid security work with bars and clubs.
An interesting bit of tv for viewers in the on Channel 5,"Get Your Tatts Out:Kavos Ink"is a tale of the tattoo studios in the party capital of Corfu,Kavos.
Watch as totally blathered Brits both guys and girls get the most horrendous tat's you could imagine.So far I watched as some daft lad got his John Thomas inked with the names of his best friends.Imagine what his girl said to that when he got home.Oh and the young lady and her friend who had eachothers initials on their boobs.
The one that shocked many was the Norwegian biker and his wife who brought along their fourteen year old son to be inked,because to have it done in Norway would be illegal.