Wednesday, 1 October 2014


There are few outfits that have ever produced nude boxing at a level similar to their efforts with topless boxing.
Festelle Video are no exception to this,the first clip here is tame to say the least,but on the second we meet up with
Black Orchid for whom boxing without pants doesn't prove a problem.


I have linked this hour of the German Mat Club to the thoughts of a girl who was involved in such events around the same time.
Our friend Nadine in Germany met this lady a while ago and over a period of time she learned some interesting things about events that seem almost a lifetime away now.
The lady in question wasn't keen on being named but did let us have a couple of recent pics from her hol's in Spain just to prove she is still in good condition.

In her own words translation corrected by Nadine's man.
Like many of my friends I married fairly young and started a family in my teens,this meant we were short of cash and watching over two little ones made me a tired girl and the days of a wild sex life soon became a memory.In order to spice things up I suppose a degree of fantasy took over.In the case of my husband it took the form of me getting it on with a good friend of mine,we often play up to his fantasy with her kissing and hugging me whenever he was around us.
How did this lead to me being involved in wrestling?You may well ask,a natural progression would have been for me to please him by doing lesbian for real.
For some reason I think this scared him a little and I discovered he had moved on to an interest in girls wrestling and boxing.
I discovered his interest very much like many wives I suppose when I came home unexpected and caught him looking at a copy of Amazons in Action,I say looking because it was in English and he couldn't read it.At the same time I strongly suspected he had become so aroused that he had masterbated.
With the evidence clearly visible he had to admit to wanting to see me fight.

My reaction was like most wives,the thought of getting hurt and what other wives would think.These thoughts went out when I discovered a couple of the wives I had met at my children's school had taken part in such activity.
After a couple of practice sessions I was ready to take part in a semi public show and for he first time bare my breasts to anyone but my husband.
My activity continued over a few years and not only did wonders for my sex life but also kept me very fit.
I hope these thoughts give encouragement to any wife or girlfriend presently trying to please their man.


Tuesday, 30 September 2014


This is rather a strange release from DWW as two thirds of the bout are fought
with the tops on,though you will see the odd flash of nipple which our friends at PrudeTube failed to notice.
Sadly the third part was taken down within hours,but both
Monika and Dana
are easy on the eye.


While Nadine was highly critical of the other bout from this venue in her own words she was impressed by the effort put into this one Natalia Smirnova
is another surprise package having been born in Russia thirty years ago she as only had nine fights all of which she as won.
Her opponent Hasna Tukic in only nineteen years old and could be one to watch in the future despite being beaten here.


I am putting this on line day by day for the benefit of fans mainly in Europe who may have missed it on another blog in the U.S.
This first part is mainly the intro's,but didn't 1988 produce some good looking girls?

Monday, 29 September 2014


Promi Boxen
this year brought us two contestants from the glamour/erotic business.

You have to give credit though to both girls as there can be no doubt both came to fight.