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Friday, 27 November 2015

GBG Wrestling - Miss Mina Vs Lady Penelope - Legend Hacksaw´s in Town


There can be no doubt that girls in the business of fighting be it pro,semi pro,swimsuit,topless or nude have taken on tattoo works,possibly because in times gone by such work was only ever seen on really tough women.

But this must qualify as one of the best if not the best!!!

Skylar Rosa / Jimmy King Vs Beautiful Beaa / Hardcore Hick

I love this one,this could be happening in the U.K.just look at the weather!
Beautiful Beaa
looks frozen and bouncing to get into the action and warm up,while Skylar Rose
can't even bother to remove her T Shirt it's so cold.

ARIA SUITE,Woodhouse Street,Leeds..29 November!!!!!

Fans in the North of England UBF vacant Lightweight Title on the line when local girl
Sam Smith steps up in class and goes into her first ten rounder against Christina Linardatou
the unbeaten 27 year old now resident in Greece.