Friday, 25 July 2014

Klara Svensson the unbeaten Swede.

This bout dates back to 2012 when Klara Svensson
was first making an impression in the Light Welter Weight ranks.She now as 13 wins to her credit 5 by ko,though a number of her opponents would appear to have little experience.
Her opponent for this bout in Germany was Zsofia Bedo
from Hungary who to this day as only won 12 bouts and lost 30.


Another of those hot days and the blood starts to boil and it doesn't take long for the guys to get em to fight.

Thursday, 24 July 2014


From the days of Super 8 film this one but was the producer California Supreme?


It's hardly MMA,more like put two girls in the cage with a grudge and let em fight and fight they do.Almost a shame the camera couldn't get a close up of the blood and bruises at the end.


Fans outside Europe probably don't realise how much Regina Halmich
influenced the world of womens boxing in Europe.So for her to be elected to the International Womens Boxing Hall of Fame
is timely recognition of her efforts.

Wednesday, 23 July 2014


Citizens of the U.K.are quite used to seeing a crime reported and many months later someone is in court,but Belgium must hold the all time record,at least for Europe.
Fans of the wrestling scene may recall that Belgium's
Beatrice Goffin and her husband were arrested,not months ago,but something like ten years ago in a case relating to under age girls.Without the full transcript of the case in English it isn't really clear wether this relates to them wrestling or taking part in sexual activity.
The end product however was both were found guilty,what is surprising though is that the main prosecution witness's were that shrinking violet Amazon Ann and the coloured girl Zambia who was involved in trying to scam the guys at D.W.W.
Now I don't claim to be an expert on women's age but I would very much doubt that either of these two were under the age of consent,even ten years ago.
The case itself would appear to have set the scene in Belgium back over ten years,as despite having produced some fine wrestlers including Nadedge,none seem to want to take the risk of doing so on their own turf in Belgium.


This is one of those celebrity bouts that fans in Europe have only seen brief clips of.
It's hard to believe but this took place in March 2002 and apparently Miss Jones
was a late replacement and it showed.Someone wrote at the time that she showed more fight in her encounter with Bill Clinton.

Meanwhile shamed ice skater  Tonya Harding was roundly booed by the crowd right to the end when she threw a punch after Miss Jones had quit.