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Thursday, 17 August 2017


A question I've heard posed a number of times by fans who have watched this fight,because that's what it was.
Many fans believe that the girls should have had a settler in the boxing ring.
was well known for always being up for a fight and her opponent from France Sophie B.
may just have been her equal as she had had one bout against Black Orchid.

Katie Taylor vs Jasmine Clarkson Full Fight

I almost missed this one with going on holiday,but another good win for Ireland's
Katie Taylor,I'm told it was almost like a home win with so many of New York's residents able to trace their heritage back to the Emerald Isle.

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Monday, 14 August 2017

Golden Gloves - Deborah Goldman vs Jane Ellis

You have to say in this case age doesn't matter as Deborah Goldman is a 39 years old mother of two.

Saturday, 12 August 2017


A nice selection of girls for Monica's 16th of September Event.
Also make a note of Monica's Third Wrestling Party on the 4th of October from 6.30 pm onwards entry for which will cost £35.
As a taster a few pic's from the July Event.

And a warning from Monica!!!
Fans in Florida keep an eye out for Zhivko Valov and Elena Nikolova
from Bulgaria who have worked for Monica in London but are currently selling pirate copies of her videos on clips4sale.Help by not buying from them.


A question I can't answer and is often posed is what became of Catz Club UK?No one appears to know anything the last posting on their website promises a return in 2016,that came and went and nothing.
There was a loose tie up to another outfit in the Nottingham area Wildcatz which for a time promised public shows,they were headed by
who is the tie having appeared for both outfits,but now nothing.Anyone out there in the East Midlands got any idea what's happened.


Anyone who ever tried sex on the beach,no not the drink will agree with these girls sand gets everywhere.