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Monday, 27 February 2017

Festelle Kick Boxing.

I think this is fairly unique in not being one of the most viewed,infact it takes a lot of tracing back.Most fans have seen
Toni and Dawn
in kick boxing action on FV115,But this much tamer version was released much later listed as FV147/2 and yet in Festelle's listings it doesn't appear but a similar bout listed as FV147/3 does.

*FREE MATCH* Shanna V Hikaru Shida

From the Music Entertainment Centre in Swindon fast moving international action.

Sunday, 26 February 2017

Holiday Special 12/9/16: Allie Kat vs Tank Engine Thomas

Great big girl v big guy action,when I saw the names I had vision of the Fat Controller as referee.

gladiatrici (women gladiators) all fights, HD

Another pile of bodies as the evil queen forces the captured girls to fight.
The film"starred"Susy Anderson
as Tamar and Carla Foscari as Ghebel Gor.

gladiatrici (women gladiators) training HD

Released around 1963 this Italian/Yugoslav film was better known as Thor and the Gladiator Women and
Women Gladiators.

Saturday, 25 February 2017


And from some back yard in Thailand!!

Bitchy Nightclub Brawl

I don't recall a scene like this in a chinese restaurant but I'm sure many fans in the North West of England will have been reminded of the Chinese Elvis who worked the Manchester area.