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Tuesday, 25 November 2014


I have long been a critic of Prudetube and it's double standards and if ever proof were needed this is it!!!
We have all had videos with topless boxing and wrestling removed and watched as Prudetube as promoted Jihad racism and the rest.Now can anyone tell me what the difference is between two lovely young ladies with bare breasts fighting and this full length rather explicit offering?
This to our friends at Prude tube is acceptable,it must be as it's been showing since March this year!!!


I don't know how many fans would agree but for me these two girls are fantastic,without being insulting neither comes from the glamour world,but for those who like to see two typical looking wives wrestling this fills the bill.


No doubt any number of fans believe they could take this guys place and go the distance.
The other side of the coin would come from a girl who had been there,one of whom gave us this insight....The girl in question is a friend of Nadine in Germany and beside bouts against other girls she took on a number of men and found this almost beyond belief,how any guy can go almost twenty five minutes against a lovely girl like this when she well remembers few of her bouts went beyond five minutes before involuntary movement in the guys nether region forced him to quit.
Some opponents even admitted to having had a ham shank before hand and still the inevitable happened.

Monday, 24 November 2014


I don't know why but I thought fights put out with the label pig fights were of a violent nature,so to find a glorified pillow fight came as a bit of a shock.


Just for a change the girls are in a room which looks warmer than the open shed where the acion often takes place.

She Fights Producer Gets 7 Years Jail Sentence

Mainly for fans in Europe who have wondered what became of She Fight.

Sunday, 23 November 2014


We all have our preferences in dress and for me I like my girls dressed for sport,while some fans like they black undies complete with stockings,so this is for you guys!!!