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Saturday, 20 June 2015


Greater Manchester Police are represented this time by Natalie Whalin,I wonder what she does there?Traffic,front desk,CID or just Plod?


You may find the idea of your wife/girl fighting a turn on,but remember she could be on the end of a bruising encounter.
The other thing to remember is that if she really gets into the game there's every chance she wouldn't thank you for trying to stop a fight no matter what the damage.

Steelfist Fight Night Becca Carter Vs Jennifer Snyder

Steel Fist Fight Night is very apt in this case,the amount of blood spilled by one girl makes you think of the cartoon character whose glove always contained a steel horse shoe to aid his ko punch.

Friday, 19 June 2015


The girls are possibly little known outside their own State or even own town and I can find little info on them,apart from a pic of the lovely
Tequila Rosee.
So would could the fan wish for?Many fans in the UK would tell you instantly,just look at the fans hiding in the shade.It's now June and it's hard to remember more than an odd day of weather like that here!!


These two and their supporters sound like they're from the North of England and you can't beat having supporters,even after the girls have drawn blood they want them to fight on!

Girls Fist Fight Compilation pt. 7

You can't beat having your friends there if you're going to fight!Even if you're getting busted up they still want you to carry on.

Thursday, 18 June 2015


Whenever I drive through Manchester I think I'll be keeping an eye out for these two.The young ladies of Greater Manchester Police have certainly gone up in my world.

Bike and Bash II: Martha Salazar vs Sonya Lamonakis..Larger and Older.

I used to think Eastern Europe was the home of the girls who took up boxing beyond their youthful years.But the girls Stateside keep coming up with some odd stat's.Martha Salazar
the victor here was in 2013 around 43 years old,but made her debut in 2001 and had a six year break before returning in 2013.
Her opponent Sonya Lamonakis
would have been around 37 having had around ten bouts since her debut in 2010

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

TRAILER с титрами

A good taster of the girls  who compete for Namazon in Russia,from the skinny girls you fear for to the solid and muscular.

Mo Vs Olga - Thriller In The Chiller 2014

Action from New Zealand with the girls putting on the gloves for charity."The Russian Crusher",Olga Semenko 34 years old goes in with 35 years old "The Remarkable" Mo Rush.


Something I failed to notice of late was pointed out to me the other day,the guys behind this video seem to have gone from the scene.
I did wonder if this is due to the fact that the economy in Greece is in a bit of a mess and some doubt as to wether they can remain in the Euro.

Does anyone out there have any knowledge as I for one will miss these bouts in the sunshine.Not to mention the lovely girls like
Khati and

Tuesday, 16 June 2015


They didn't even get their kit off for this one,though as it went on they didn't need to.


I always think if you want to guess the year of a video you only need to look at the hairdo's and I think this is a typical example.


Another of those strange titles that keep appearing,the Global Boxing Council Featherweight Title,Milena Koleva
27 years old from Bulgaria up against Aline de Cassia Scaranello a 26 year old from Brazil,although neither girl is very experienced the girl from Brazil brought with her a pretty good ko record.

Monday, 15 June 2015

Princess Paula & Blackfoot Sioux v Lolita Loren & Spitfire

I thought that I had been involved in one way or another with most of the girls from this era,but this bout left me a little baffled,I don't recognise the venue and just as important who was Spitfire??
A friend who viewed this seems to think the venue was Blackpool Tower Circus which he believes would have made the Promoter Bobby Baron.

Tough Enough Application: LuFisto

I featured the other day the U.K.'s would be contender for this event,the novice Ashleigh Stark.You'd have to fear for her safety if she went in with veteran


The boxing world as always had a certain number of mysteries,but how Jolene Blackshear
came to have a title bout at the age of 45 still baffles me.And how in a career that started in 1995 did she come to have a nine year break before returning to the ring for a couple of bouts then not appearing again until 2012 and then having seven bouts including this one.
Almost as baffling is how her opponent born in Mexico takes on the mantle of a Native American?

Sunday, 14 June 2015

Brookelyn Vs Jane Models Fight UK

Remember these?A few years back they were fights for charity,before the advent of white/pink collar boxing.

Female Barbwire Match - Miniak VS Eliza Raven - CHW Backyard Wrestling

What is it they say"don't try this at home",in this case they aren't joking.

Spanish Soap Opera Catfights - 1

I don't understand the language but these Spanish soap's must be well worth viewing.