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Taylor K vs Baby D - League of Lions 7/30/16

I found this interesting as Baby D's opponent suffers a condition P.O.T.S.a heart condition which apparently is most common in the U.S.

Wrestling Catfight flexing biceps triceps

No idea about the background to this one,but the girls look the part.

Xena - Gabrielle vs Tara (Catfight)

Another for the film fans,a great favourite on tv here in the U.K.was Xena,but who were the girls in this fight Gabriella was Xena's side kick played by Renee O'Connor and her opponent fighting to take her place in the bed chamber was Sheri Appleby who played Tara.


My thanks to my friend who is on Facebook and to Ron Farrar for putting this item on there.
The ad is for the forthcoming Wrestlers Reunion meeting in the North of England on Sunday the 16th of October at the Oulton Institute,Quarry Hill in Leeds,West Yorkshire. No idea if any of the many young ladies who wrestled will be there but I'm sure any fans who are on Facebook will be able to find out.

Baby D Vs Hanna Hazardly | Vlog 121

With our weather here in the U.K.we rarely get the chance to see outdoor events like this which often feature little known wrestlers who are highly unlikely to feature on our tv. I  suppose Baby D falls into that category due mainly to her size.

20 Keeley Craig vs Dee Keeble

Another relative new name for me,Essex White Collar Boxing.

Women's Wrestling | Debut Match | Just Plain Evil v Ms Ava | Student Show

From the Maniacs United training show in Auckland,New Zealand it's that woman J.P.E.and just for a change her opponent isn't Frankie Quinn.

Karambra vs Sierra Loxton

A fun intergender bout from the Bank Holiday Pill Carnival,I should explain Pill is short for Pillgwenlly a Parish in the City of Newport,South Wales.

Вечер профи бокса Sparta Boxing Promotions. Бой 1. Оксана Романова VS Ек...

Action from Ukraine with one of those girls who just loves to fight,Oksana Romanova is 44 years old with a record that goes back fifteen years.Her opponent is on debut and is Maria Belkina who little info is around this being her only bout so far.
While the ever keen Miss Romanova losing a title bout to Caroline Schroeder and beating Plamena Dimova,both contests in Germany.

Wrestling womens vs mens 2016 | Beautiful Girl Wrestling

A good selection featuring those young ladies dressed to excite to a girl in possibly India who by her dress would struggle to excite a man who had been celebret for ten years.


There have for a number of years been rather grainy photo's of a boxing bout,believed by some to be the first for many years between Sue Britain and Vicky Montrose.
I must admit to having never seen film of the bout and my knowledge of it was rather sketchy,so when a friend who as been tagged(whatever that is)on Facebook by the late Miss Britain's husband Ron it led to him letting me have link to an original poster from that day way back in 1975.
It's interesting that the show took place in an afternoon and there was an admission charge,I was of the opinion that being at the Beacholme Holiday Park the show would have been free to holidaymakers. It was also interesting that around the same time Vicky was ko'd in a bout against her friend and Sue's daughter Kerry Nolan. I am told that both these bouts are available from Rockin Roxanne listed as part of the work of ASF Enterprises. Another interesting photo that my friend turned up from the same source was of the late Akal…

Gor Slave Girl Fight

Another for the film buff's,the film was Gor another of those 80's fantasy science fiction films that were popular at the time.But who were the slave girls in the fight??

Stacey Henderson v Michaela Taylor.

A GFP Super Featherweight title bout from Suffolk and one well worth the money despite it not lasting that long.