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A poser for long time fans of the U.K.scene.
The Private Collection didn't do too many boxing bouts and many of those featured girls with their breasts covered.
So do you recall these girls,what were their names and for the benefit of my friend who now lives on the South Coast are they still in London and are they now house wives or possibly they are high fliers in the business world?


When she got into this fight did blondie realise what sort of a mess her face would become?


When wrestling was on our tv in the U.K.the bouts never seen were those involving the ladies which were only promoted on the independents. This is where viewers in Wales were lucky as the Welsh Language Channel featured Reslo from promoter /wrestler the late Orig Williams who featured many of the female stars of the day.
Interestingly Starr was the name used by the "blue eyes" tag team of Tina Starr,she of the superb body and her partner Bradford born Julie Starr
at only 5'3" and 126lbs almost cannon fodder for the bigger girls.
Their opponents were the bad girls
Klondyke Kate and Nickie Monroe from Bournemouth whose father was a promoter and whose mother also wrestled,hardly a surprise then that she started in the business at seventeen and one of the long running fueds that ran and ran was with Tina.


A little out of date with regard to the girls presently appearing but still worth seeing.

Bitchfightuk Legends

Nice to revive this tribute to the girls at Bitchfight UK and to see first up Simone herself.

PRINCESSES OF PAIN- Genevieve Pini vs Beathe Korneliussen

If you like your fighters on the big side this is for you.

Chic fight at the Knuckle Saloon.

These biker babes are tough,no stopping because a bit of blood is spilt.


I have mentioned before that Bethlehem Boxing Club in Leeds had made it's debut on local tv,but not being near to it's transmitting area I wasn't able to tell anything of the content. My thanks go out to a fan who prefers to remain anon,but who as updated me.This Fridays edition featured a couple of girls bouts in the second half of the show in the first Carly MacKenzie of York a thirty six year old blonde outpointed Mel Halstead from Bridlington over four rounds.Mel as the pic shows is a good all round sportswoman boxing,football and running only a few of her interests.
The second contest was a international championship match over six rounds,this saw local favourite Sophie Varley win the European Boxing Federation title from Mandy Cortis from Malta.
My contact also believes that Sophie will be in action again in early October.

Best girls fight in miami

Don't know how long this will be around,as a general rule the mere sight of a nipple gets Prude Tube excited,how they missed this I don't know.

CAGE 31 - Suvi Salmimies vs Lucie Pudilova

Action from Helsinki in Finland with two more tough young ladies.


My thanks to the fan in West Yorkshire who supplied the info on the scene in Leeds recently.For his latest update he as a couple of diary dates for fans of Sam Smith.
On the 4th of October she is down to face Angel McKenzie over eight rounds at the Pryzm,Leeds.
It may be a little ambitious to schedule this for eight rounds as Angel doesn't have the most impressive record having lost thirty of her thirty four contests. Moving on to the 29th of November she is to take on unbeaten Christina Linardatou Duran currently fighting out of Greece.
Interestingly all of her wins seem to have been in the land of her birth the Dominican Republic.Again the fight takes place at Pryzm in Leeds.

Kay Lee Ray vs Chardonnay from Hanley 14th February 2015 All Star Wrestl...

Action from the Potteries area of the U.K.promoted by All Star Wrestling of Birkenhead reputed to be the longest serving promoter in the U.K. All Star is after 45 years a family concern headed by Brian Dixon on the left at the back next to wife former wrestler Mitzi Mueller and ring Announcer Letitica their daughter,in front is her husband Dean Allmark wrestler and trainer plus their son. Inside the ropes are twenty two years old Glaswegian Kay Lee Ray and her opponent queen of the chav's Worcester's Chardonnay in real life twenty four years old Katy Lees.

Emma Smith VS Laura Handy - 25th July - Oxford, UK

I often find myself ill informed when it comes to the girls in the cage and I must admit this is a case in point,although Laura Handy would appear to be the holder of a belt I can find little else about her.


I have mentioned a few times the newer girls and promotions in the to hear that one of those mentioned as made the world of television is good news.
Sam smith is a young lady from Leeds who as been getting good ratings recently as the W.B.F.Lightweight Champ and the club she is involved with Bethlehem Boxing where she is a personal trainer and runs the Nutrition Shop. Back to my initial point and a fan from the West Yorkshire area informs that those living in that general area can see a regular program from the club on a Friday evening's on a local tv station from Leeds which is on channel eight but is only available in that area and only through a Freeview Box. Having never seen the show I have no idea if the girls feature,but it may be useful for updates on promotions.