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FULL SHOW — GWF Women's Wrestling Revolution [ENGLISH COMMENTARY] Septem...

From September last year GWF's Women's Wrestling Revolution match up from Huxleys Neue Welt,Berlin well known as a top music venue throughout Europe.

GLOW - Trailer

One to look out for on Netflix,the story behind the 80's favourite Blow.

[FREE MATCH] Rachael Ellering vs Christi Jaynes from Wrestle Circus: TGWSOE

It's sometimes difficult to follow the scene in the States and I often miss seeing some of the best talent because they don't qualify for the stage managed shows we get on tv. In this case we have two lovely looking top girls I had heard little about.Rachael Ellering or her alter ego's Rachael Evers/Rachael Fazio is a twenty five year old from Minnesota who as followed her Father into the business.
Her opponent Christi Jaynes who apart from being Texas based and pretty well travelled I know little about.


What more could a masked man ask than to face not one but two of Eastern Europe's finest in Antscha and Viktoria.

Patty _Boom Boom_ Alcivar vs Savanna _The Lio

This dates back a little but the nick names say it all,promoters at the time may have thought Patty had some"boom boom"but more recently she as proved that her lack of power to finish Savanna hasn't helped her in better company.

Just a Thought 33.

Latest must for certain children,now being marketed online and aimed at an Australian market fake Islamic State Lego selling at $9.91.
Having an exciting sex life is one thing,but make sure you put the handbrake on.A pair of Russian 22 year old teachers got so carried away their Russian made Niva rolled into a lake while the physical education teacher was performing with his girlfriend on the back seat.Sadly both drowned!
For me and many visitors to Germany a journey on the ICE Train is a top attraction.Now the latest"Sprinter" serving the Berlin to Munich route as just made it's maiden trip and at 3 hours 55 minutes as knocked over 2 hours off the current journey time.
A survey last year by travel website Expedia revealed that 72% of Germans found nothing wrong in going naked in public a term known as Friekörperkultur or FKK to many.German Sauna
can also prove interesting as these are also shared by men and women,remember towels are for sitting on not covering up.


From Festelle's sister company The Private Collection,International action with New Zealand's Lisa Marie in action against U.K.favourite Susan Strong.


Having wrestled and boxed Gloria enjoys rough lesbian sex.

DIARY DATE 14th July!!!!

A date to note for fans in Europe the next Models Wrestling date is Bastille Day,to attend tickets are"only"50€uro. I am led to believe there will be eight or ten bouts though as yet I have seen no list of girls appearing.
I could be wrong but the admission charge could possibly include a DVD of the event.More info as I get it.

Rampage 2017 - Ladies Title: Alpha Female (c) vs. Little Miss Roxxi

Little Miss Roxxi as come a long way in a short time,but a trip to Germany to take on The Alpha Female doesn't look a good idea.


A real punisher with two experienced girls at Fighting Dolls.

Holly the Farmer's Daughter vs Maddison Miles

I think it's almost a couple of years back that Maddison  Miles first hit the scene,at the time as a sixteen year old I believe.At that time on the evidence I was seeing she looked a good prospect. And then this,what was set as a decent bout is ruined by the oldest trick in the promoters arsenal,the man in the mask and his supposed manager.Done well you may just get away with it,but this oh no!!!


Early contest from DWW when Judo champ from France Marie Laure took on a girl who made herself a favourite when she came to London to oppose the girls of Festelle the lovely Manuela.
I don't know where the bout took place but it was certainly hot there as the sweat coming off the girls in the later stages made it almost impossible to get a hold.


You would never think this took place in the mid 90's when Tina visited DWW and her opponent Hanna now heads up Foxy Combat.

Interview with wrestler Little Miss Roxy

An interesting interview with Little Miss Roxy on her home ground at the Northumbria Student Union in March this year.


Don't you just love keep fit?Why bother with those leotards and borrowing the old mans oversize t shirt,strip off and go for it.

Kerri Hill vs Racquel Bailey

In order to put a good bill together a promoter as too look for girls who love a fight and Kerri Hill is just such a girl,despite a record that currently stands at only 4 wins,2 draws and 28 losses over a period of around ten years she was always value for money.


Belgium's Nadege is many a fans ideal girl,we have seen her in wrestling bouts and tough punishing fights where she as been in tears by the end and now she gets it on with the lovely Amy and no need for faking here. Almost an hour of hot sweaty girl on girl action!!!


Just for fans of messy wrestling as a variation from mud what about food?


I shall be keeping an eye out for more info in this series.This could be another must for fans in East London and Essex with easy access to the Circus Tavern.