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Saturday, 20 May 2017

Amanda Serrano vs Dahiana Santana (22-04-2017) Ful

A meeting of the ko queens for the WBO Bantamweight title in New York with
Amanda Serrano extending her record to 32 wins with 24 ko's and Miss Santana
from the Dominican Republic becoming her latest victim despite good record.


As there ever been a film about a women's prison without at least one fight in it?
This is another for the avid fan,what was the film???

Maddison Miles vs Kelly Klein

Maddison Miles the well thought of teenager in action against highly experienced Kelly Klein.


There can be little doubt that this girl as the ultimate in mind and just look at the smile on her face when she achieves it.

Friday, 19 May 2017

Oleksandra Sidorenko vs Mirjana Vujic (06-05-2017)

This is another of those that you have to ask why????
Mirjana Vujic as now lost seven times and in six of them she as been stopped and in this she was obviously cannon fodder for Miss Sidorenko and not a good target at that.I think had I been the promoter I would only have paid her fare back to Serbia.


Sporting Events.
Here in the U.K.they call it the sport of kings,that's horse racing to the rest of us.
Now I would never make a gambler as the only thing I know of horses is they have a leg at each corner and leave behind deposits of smelly stuff that is apparently good for the garden.
So why would you visit a race track?An explanation of the pics will tell the story.

The well known for the"chav"many of whom are teen girls,but what becomes of them when they enter their twenties?
Many may marry but that way of life rarely leaves them and they can often be found at top race meetings competing against eachother to consume copious amounts of booze and see who can be the most embarrassing.


Belgium's Nadege takes on Berlin strong girl Red Devil.


This could be a repeat in part or even in whole but for the benefit of a couple of fans who enjoy anything the lovely slim Beck
does here she is in action against Marie and a girl second in her corner who enjoys using the sponge on those erect nipples.

Thursday, 18 May 2017

Female Wrestler Red Devil Hells Kitchen

Displaying her power is the Red Devil one of the strong girls in Ana Konda's Berlin set up.


Some of the later efforts of Festelle were only spoiled by the lack of spectators.

Considering Lucy and Felix were fighting in someones front room this was a good effort.

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Planet Earth the Movie.

From 1974 the film of Planet Earth and Janet Margolin(1943-1993)
as Harper Smythe fights Diana Muldaur
as Marg.
A friend of mine who is something of a film buff informs me that the girls were also sisters in law at some point in real life.


More on the schoolgirl theme this time from Foxy Combat.

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Jelena Mrdjenovich v Amanda Gaelle

WBA & WBC Featherweight Title action from France where local girl
Amanda Gaelle lost for the first time in only her 11th bout.Her opponent Jelena Mrdjenovich
from Canada despite having a ten losses was vastly more experienced having had also 36 wins and a draw in a career going back thirteen years.


A couple of rather different scenarios from Festelle,originally from the E Series,E being for erotic,but for some reason marketed through Kontex in Germany.


In the days before she joined Foxy Combat Sandra was Gloria at DWW.

Monday, 15 May 2017

Side Bitch beat up while boyfriend coaches

Just see the damage a girl can do with a bit of coaching.But how would the guy feel if his irl was taking that sort of beating?

Nicola Adams vs Maryan Salazar 2017-05-13

A good stoppage win for Nicola in her home town.


The smaller girl that Monique took on most often was one of the more capable and here obviously thought she could finish things quickly as she didn't even bother to takeoff her jeans.

No 24 Just a Thought.

You may recall not long ago I mentioned Germany restricting certain cars from cities due to pollution.
Having voted out of Europe and with a General Election shortly the U.K.had to jump on the bandwagon,under attack are our diesel cars we were encouraged to buy a few years back.There was talk of giving drivers a couple of thousand pounds to scrap them,great I'd happily take that for the ex's little car but my mate who paid thirty thousand for his isn't too pleased.
So what will they do?They aren't keen on telling us but the latest school of thought points at increasing road tax and cities banning or charging a toll for their use.
Great brains or what as our little diesel car pays low tax for being eco friendly!!!
Recent cyber attacks have created problems in U.K.hospitals with ransom demands but this is not just a problem here as attacks have happened as far away as Sweden and Germany where a demand was made for 275 €uro in Bitcoin to remove the threat from Deutsche Bahn
the German rail network.Most recent report claim attacks in Russia and the USA,one can only hope that the culprits can be found by these countries as I doubt Trump or Putin would lose sleep about wiping them out.

Sunday, 14 May 2017


My ex loves this one,because that one piece worn by Krista is similar to one she often wore in the ring and it had the same faults,which made her popular with certain fans.


Another of those story line fights that Fighting Dolls seem to like.
The line my sponsor wanted me to dress as a school girl seems strange as the girls strip off before any action.
I was amused to see F.D.have laid claim to one of those cheerleader skirts so often used by DWW.