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Saturday, 5 March 2016

Another Prude Tube BOOB!!!

Now that's a good idea!!!!But what as become of the Prude Police???

Susanne vs Claudia

Another interesting one from The Private Collection is this with the very young looking Susanne Strong against I believe Claudia from Belgium.

Friday, 4 March 2016

Boxing Women

Probably only of interest to fans this side of the pond,but just to prove the arguement goes on.

Maddison Miles (16 Year Old Girl) vs Miss Gia - UCW February 27th 2016

There's only ever going to be one favourite when your opponent is still at school and sixteen years old.

Girl vs Girl Wrestling: Angela vs Chantel

This came from the Festelle spin off The Private Collection and featured Angela from Scotland and from France Chantel,these girls were believed to have a genuine dislike for eachother.

Thursday, 3 March 2016

STARDOM 2016.01.10 Viper,Kaitlin Diamond VS Kris Wolfe,Kyouko Kimura

A long way from her home in Scotland Viper
is proving a good crowd puller in Japan.
Here her tag partner is Kaitlin Diamond
from Canada and there's more to come with a return booked for this month.

Female Pro Wrestling | JPE vs Frankie Quinn | Heatsmash 2016

If you want to be the champion form the company!!!
That's what JPE(Just Plain Evil)
did as owner of Maniacs United in New Zealand she is also head trainer and as champ she seems to take on and beat protege from the school Frankie Quinn
on a regular basis.
When wrestling is held to ridicule bouts like this have got to be a large part of the reason,apart from the six minutes of nonsense before Frankie appears and the non stop"foul play"just look at the size difference.
I haven't been able to find a weight for JPE but I would doubt Frankie weighs as much as her left leg!!


An advert for joining the other team???

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Danni Hunter vs Leva Bates | Freaky Friday | Fierce Females

More action from Glasgow's Freaky Friday and I must admit sometimes the phrases of the modern day defeat me.I'd heard the phrase cosplay in relation to someones sex life so you can only imagine what went through my head at the mention of a cosplay match in wrestling.

Phil Powers vs. Erin Angel

What a difference a couple of years and some hard training makes.The Sweet Saraya's opponent the other day was Southampton's pocket battle ship 4'11"Erin Angel,here she is a couple of years earlier in mixed action at Trinity Park Ipswich and without being insulting doesn't she look dumpy?And just at her without the puppy fat!!

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Cecilia Braekhus vs Chris Namus Full Fight 2016-02-27

Weekend action from Germany with unbeaten World Champ
Cecilia Braekhus,seven years and twenty eight bouts unbeaten retaining her titles even at the age of 34.
Her opponent Chris Namus
on paper at least looked a decent opponent though this is the first time she as appeared outside South America.

Bike and Bash II: Martha Salazar vs Sonya Lamonakis

Am I right in thinking that there few big girls in the heavyweight division?Both these fighters are over 40 and for boxers have rather strange records Miss Salazor
is around 46 years old and due to fight again this month having had only seventeen fights since 2001.
Her opponent Miss Lamonakis
is a mere 41 with 14 bouts since 2010.

Erin Angel vs. Sweet Saraya

An interesting one this because of the year 2006 which would have made Saraya's daughter the star now known as Paige in the States around 13 or 14 years old,the age when she is reputed to have started her wrestling career.
Another interesting point is that I had contact with a fan recently who told me his wife was at school with Saraya in Halifax,West Yorkshire before the job at Pontins brought her into contact with Rickie Knight and the wrestling business.

Monday, 29 February 2016

Deonna Purrazzo vs Miranda Vionette from 12-12-15

I have to admit to having never heard of the Monster Factory a longtime training school for many stars over the years.
Apparently they put on shows where the up and comers feature on a bill with more established stars.
What impressed me about this bout was the girls got down to business without too much messing.Wether
Deonna or Miranda
get to join the big league I don't know but they have learned their trade well having only been around a couple of years.


Excuse the pun but I couldn't resist.
Many a mans ideal Frau,well endowed,works in a Bier Keller and she can certainly put a few beers away.Not too sure about the singing though.

Крутая драка девушек 18+ / Cool girls fight 18+

This one isn't quite as hard to work out,one of the fighters realises that in order to star on Prudetube there are standards of morals to bear in mind and so as a friend on hand when one of her breasts is in danger of being exposed she quickly springs into action.

Sunday, 28 February 2016

Just another female fight

Not just another,these girls mean it and they have plenty supporters to encourage them.

Драка московских девушек 18+ / Fight Moscow girls 18+

Don't you just wish you understood Russian?If only to work out what this was about.Two girls fighting next to a main road with one intent on doing the others breasts some damage!

MANCHESTER...Saturday 5th March

Don't miss Pippa's next show Wrekin Belles at Manchester's Wrestling Factory doors open 12 noon for a 1pm start.
Tickets in advance £40 or pay on the door £45,for your money you get entry to the show and a free DVD expected to be two one hour discs.
The Wrestling Factory is one of the most convenient placed venues close to Manchester City Center and it's rail links to the rest of the U.K.on the fast train only a little over a couple of hours from London.
Eleven girls are booked to appear to include
Raven & Axa.