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Natasha Jonas (debut) vs Monika Antonik 2017-06-23

From the London Olympics to two years out to have a baby and now a pro debut at the age of thirty three Liverpool's Natasha Jonas could be making up for lost time.


If there is an actress who took part in more fights for the silver screen than Pam I can't think of her.

Chantelle Cameron (Pro Debut) vs Karina Kopinska

Another pro debut at the Motorpoint Arena,Cardiff.Northampton's Chantelle Cameron made to work by Karina Kopinska from Poland who out of 32 fights as only won 9 with 3 draws.At twenty eight Karina
is one of the hardest working and most traveled having fought all round Europe and Scandinavia her next fight is in Benidorm,Spain this month. 


Reni seems to have the measure of Zsuzsa,but someone did pose the thought would she have had the same dominance in a topless bout where Zsusza's incredible breast smother would be mor effective?


Over a period of time I have had contact with fans from most parts of the world and we all share a regret and that is none of us ever met the late Jeff the Ref. We have all heard small snippets like his wife never objected as he had never married and I think a newspaper conducting a hatchet job on Festelle Video once claimed he made a living as an unqualified accountant. I feel sure that had he recorded his life in print before his untimely death it would be a best seller with fans to this day.

Sisters in law fighting .

Now what could sisters in law fall out about?Whatever they certainly want to fight encouraged by friends or could they be family?


Possibly not a name new to fans in Wales where she as been around the scene for I believe around three years,but now seems to be featured in headliners around the U.K.and Europe.
The Vintage Villainess is the handle that goes before the name Kat Von Kaige.

Just a Thought 37.

WHO PAYS EM??? According to reports the idiots who wreaked havoc in Hamburg are the Black Bloc an international group of loonies reputedly from as far apart as Spain,Italy,Germany and of course the U.K.
I watched a few hours of events on a live stream with friends and we all agreed that the police were very restrained.But how on earth do these people manage to travel from country to country when none appear to work? Was I Wrong? Possibly that should be a statement not a question as I thought after lending their support for the U.K.'s number one socialist/communist Corbyn they had all headed for Hamburg.But I was wrong some have stayed behind and revived the Cornish Republican Army intent on driving the ethnic cleansers from Cornwall.The ethnic cleansers being those who have opened business and employed local people,the latest target being restaurant owner Rick Steine whose place in Porthlevin was burned out last month.
Now what as the guy done wrong?Oh of course the local job center co…

Hannah McNally vs Ellen Nunn - Bout 14. 'Ultimate Boxing 28' Water Lane ...

This reminded me that I have seen nothing of Hannah or Ellen recently.It could be that like many girls who are loosely involved in MMA they move into semi pro boxing to earn a few quid,


Lesley Fox is Russian girl with some English and as created almost a Super Hero character.

McCarter vs Szabados FULL FIGHT: April 29, 2017 - PBC on FS1

I'd be interested to know how much Miss Szabados got for this fight as it highlighted the difference in lifestyle there is for female fighters in parts of Europe.
I picked up on the comment that she had a day job back home in Hungary.You have to wonder who is the match maker when you see a girl with her record in title fight.In three of her last four fights she as been stopped and a couple of years back was beaten on points by U.K.part timer Kelly Morgan.


A mixed bout for the Private Collection with Yasmin
who hadn't joined the fashion for shaving and displayed a fine black pubic mound.


It may be wishful thinking but wouldn't you just love to see Lucy in a wrestling or boxing contest?

LWS KARMEN V XENA armwrestle.

.Amazing effort from two strong girls.