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Saturday, 7 January 2017

Boxe de Praia - FEBOP - Copacabana 2016 - Luta

I spoke to a friend the other day whose business is in Blackpool one of the U.K.'s premier seaside resorts and he mentioned how bad business had been last summer.
This could be the answer,if only we had the weather.

Fabiana Bytyqi vs Halima Vunjabei, 19. 11. 2016, BOX LIVE Karlovy Vary

One from late last year in the Czech Republic and two minimum weight girls  fighting for the WBC Youth Female Title,local favourite
Fabiana Bytyqi made it nine from nine against Halima Vunjabei from Tanzania.

Friday, 6 January 2017

College girls fighting one has never seen before

Were you to ask the average woman in the street their view on girls fighting they would walk away in disgust,but encourages girls to fight more than other girls?

Battling Amazons

This will never win an award,but as an hour of pure fantasy it's worth a look.


My thanks to fans who like me aren't too keen on winter,for there and my pleasure I intend to continue what I started with more of my friends work reminding us all of summer.

Thursday, 5 January 2017

Zack vs his girlfriend Michelle Very Hot Mixed Wrestling Real Hard! (begin)

In this case when the girl says no she means no!!!As for hard I doubt real hard will happen for some time.


You can hardly call this wrestling.Do they advertise for these older baldy headed guys who want to be punished?


One of those girls who only appeared a handful of times for Festelle was the dark haired 30 years old Dee
who I believe only featured in a couple of wrestling bouts on FV110 first against 23 years old Joanna and on the same tape

versus 26 years old Savannah her tanned body contrasting with her opponents pale skin.

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Hard Female Domination

If you love rippling female muscle this takes some beating.


After a brief glimpse of what's to come at the start the real action begins just after three minutes.

2010 Lantana Oktoberfest Ladies Beer Stein Holding Contest

A spot of German culture played out in the States,now that's my kinda girl,go and get the beers and not spill a drop.

Tuesday, 3 January 2017


A couple of years back I introduced a few pics taken by a friend who earns his living around the beaches of Europe with his trusty camera.
Speaking on the phone over the holiday I agreed to feature more of his works as we agreed the winter is a rather depressing time of year and some of his work ties in with the thoughts of many wrestling fans.

Many are the fans who have mentioned the hot sun and their girl topless or more get's them fantasizing and also a girl doesn't have to be a glamour model to ooze sex,quite often the girl next door looks just as sexy.

مضاربات حقيقية لعصابات أمريكية

Not sure about the writing but the girls are there to fight.

Monday, 2 January 2017

fbb wrestling competitive kvs

Some of the best in Europe is happening at Monica's place,two superbly built girls get hot and sweaty.

My tall beautiful women (wrestlers 2 of 2)

Another for lovers of tall powerful women.

UPDATE 2017!!!

A date for fans in Europe to put in their diary is the 19th of March for the latest meeting of Models Wrestling in Paris.

Sunday, 1 January 2017


I'm sure many fans who saw the return of wrestling to U.K.television
will have been happy with last nights one off broadcast.
I was interested in the ladies contest and the comment that Klondyke Kate often took on men and never women on the original tv broadcasts.A number of fans have been in contact and none can ever recall Kate on tv though someone did remember a photo from years ago of her attacking Big Daddy.
One pleasing thing for me it was a family show  which despite featuring Viper
and her fellow Scot Grado didn't feature the foul language and blood letting that goes with shows north of the border and Alexis Rose
brought welcome glamour to the show.


Health and prosperity to all my friends for 2017.