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Saturday, 27 June 2015

"Meltdown" Barbara Delaney vs Melanie Boney

It's often a reference made to the people of the Emerald Isle and in the case of Barbara Delaney
it couldn't be truer,she really is the fighting Irish.


When you see a girl take on a guy in a mixed bout the guy is as a rule some muscle bound hunk,or a wobbly tub of jelly.
I have to give the promoters at CZW credit as Curt Robinson is not only a decent technician,but must also be somewhere near the weight class of Brittany Blake.
Brittany is I am told a product of CZW's own school,a 5'2"one time model,24 years old,real name Jeanne Killjoy.
You wouldn't have thought she needed a ring name with a name like that.

Friday, 26 June 2015

Angel McManus vs Klondite Kate

A girl who was always underated from Orig Williams Reslo stable in North Wales was Angel McManus
seen here at her best against Klondyke Kate.


This was first noticed by our friend Nadine in Germany,it reminded her of a good friend who became part of the wrestling scene but started out in judo.

Like the girl in the clip she would often get very warm and took to wearing only bra and pants under the suit which was frowned on by her instructers.This led directly to her involvement in wrestling,the type where fewer clothing restrictions applied!

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Episode 90: Equality (Mia Yim vs Cheerleader Melissa)

A full episode of female action,starts with the usual first couple of minutes of guff and then a blank screen but picks up on the wrestling around the 4.30min mark.


Is this one of those venues where you put on the cheapest show possible because of spectator numbers?
I'm a little baffled by Foxy Roxy who can't even bother to remove her "T SHIRT"and is that her mom filming at the ringside?
Having tried to trace her progress in the game it would appear she only goes in the ring with guys.Do you know different?


I know there are fans out there who love these things.For me it hardly looks worth while.Weak punches and ham acting,why bother?

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Fight 06 Berta Gray vs Jessica Ertl

Another of my favourites where the girls aren't so experienced that they have mastered the arts of defence.
As expected the blood starts to flow in the first minute and by the end it's difficult to tell if one or both girls are bleeding it's spread so far.


Things for fans in New Zealand are looking good as these two are barely out of the novice stage and are putting on a good show.
Both girls are getting a fan following I'm told and Frankie Quinn
was first taken on by the Hughes Academy of Wrestling in 2011.

Maximum Effort 1

Just a few girls putting in the effort!!!Sexy????

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Bonnie Canino Boxing 1995 5 rounds.A MYSTERY!!!

I mentioned Bonnie Canino being a pioneer,but women boxing in the mid 90's being so rare sometimes records become confused and this could possibly be the case here.
Boxrec records Bonnies first bout as being in January 96 with a first round TKO of April Griffith and yet this five rounder is from 95 and who was her opponent?


Many critics didn't rate this 1991 film which starred Liverpool's Margi Clarke as the girl who left home to find her father and became a pro boxer by chance.
Margi doesn't seem to have a problem with being typecast having made a living playing tough scouse women many times.Indeed fans in the U.K.still see her from time to time in our longest running soap opera Coronation Street as mechanic Tyrone Dobbs mother,before that she also had a role in the Liverpool based soap Brookside.

Monday, 22 June 2015


I have never been the WWE's greatest fan and you realise why when fans point out to you that the lovely
Gisela is now a WWE trialist after all of six months in the business.


Be it here in Oz or back then in the States Australia's
Kellie Skater and Paige's mom the Sweet Saraya
put on a top show,all action and no posing!!

Bonnie Canino in 2014**** A PIONEER.

In those dark days of the past when women boxing was almost unheard of a few women took the first steps,one was Bonnie Canino
this short clip gives an insight into her career in and out of the ring.

Sunday, 21 June 2015


Just odd times I get interesting info from fans for which I am always happy to acknowledge as often it sets me thinking on things I may have missed.
So I have to thank the guy who reminded me that although Fighting Style filmed in Greece not many of the girls were Greek.
That set me thinking about tho other outfits that were someway inter connected,even if only using the same site in Greece.
The first that came to mind was the Female Wrestling Zone,
one of whose latest offerings featured a slightly bigger girl in Lydiya seen here against Gabby.
The same girl Lydiya featured against Victor for the
Mixed Wrestling Zone.
Meanwhile Mona features for the
Dirty Wrestling Pit using some rather doubtful tactics,what was I thinking it is the Dirty Wrestling Pit?
Last but not least is Sophia and Ana in the
Sex Fighting Zone.
All these seem to be operating in different venues in Europe and possibly farther afield.


Women boxing at all sorts of levels seems to be big business in Oz,but when did the interest start?

I pose the question because Laura Saperstein
seen here in this her last bout in 2010 was born in Australia and yet throughout her career would appear to have been London based.
Her opponent Milena Koleva from Bulgaria is still around the scene and as been in with some pretty good company including going the distance with Ina Menzer.
She is scheduled to fight for the Global Boxing Council Featherweight Title in November this year against an as yet un-named opponent in Berlin.

Bintou Schmill vs Judit Suran full fight 10.04.2015

More action from Germany at Super Light Weight with
Binto Schmill,born in Togo West Africa,now resident in Germany adding to her unbeaten run with another TKO.
Her opponent Judit Suran is from Budapest in Hungary and would appear another of those mysteries from that part of the world.At 38 years old she as only fought three times,but made her debut aged 21 in 1998.Work that one out!!!

Kacee Carlisle VS Tess Valentine PWMA #1 Contendership Match

One for my friends Stateside,info on Tess Valentine please,Kaycee Carlisle
is well known but the contender Tess is something of a mystery.