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UK Girls Wrestling ( Louise vs Michelle Madison ) HD

Nice to see a few of these re appear,in this case those Manchester sisters in action,Louise Lockwood started out at the age of 14 and as been associated with the magazine Ladies in Combat and the North Manchester Ladies Wrestling Club since around 1994.I have to admit that I'm not sure how often she appears now as she gave birth to a son J.J. in 2008. Her younger sister Michelle Madison is also her greatest rival having also joined the business while still at school.

Opening Contest Girl Wrestling - Leva Bates vs Marti Belle

Leva Bates is often refered to as an entertainer and over the years she as played out that role.I don't know how much truth there is but I did see somewhere that she has a day job as a entertainer at the Universal,Orlando Theme Park. Her opponent is Marti Belle a newcomer to Shimmer but a regular on the independents.

Isolated Tribe Amazon Female Wrestling

Can't help wondering,am I right? If you claim it's historical or geographical you can display as many tits as you like on Prude Tube!!

Blue Nikita vs. Lady Lory SWS Golden Rush

If there are two girls who always give value for money no matter where or how many times they meet it's got to be Germany's Lady Lory and Blue Nikita from Greece,this bout comes from a meeting in Sweden.

Wake up! ❤️

This footage from Chyna's you tube page as appeared in one or two publications around the world since her death and probably shows just how sad her life had become.


Breaking news this morning is that one time fans favourite Chyna as been found dead in her bed at the age of 46.
Joan Marie Laurie rose to super star status with the WWE but quit wrestling in 2001 going into films and reality shows but after releasing six films which could be best described as porn and writing a book which became a best seller in 2010 after a drug overdose she moved to Japan to teach English and doesn't appear clear exactly when she returned to the States.

Clair Shaw vs Ellis Hopkins

My thoughts on the semi pro scene the other day led me to research a little and again it threw up a little baffler,Clair Shaw is listed as having had one contest before the one I featured,but it wasn't this one. This one throws up a mystery of it's own as Clair's opponent is one Ellis Hopkins who at twelve years old had her first public bout against Zoe Young in Leicester,who could forget that one.Now aged around 15/16 she is given a good contest by the 36 years old Clair.

female arm wrestling on a mediterranean island (part3) Kadın,güreşi

Holiday time for the girls of DWW look great fun and I always wonder how many fans met them on their trips to Ibiza?

Wildcatz™ Showreel

So where did it all go wrong??? The last traces of Wildcatz I can find is almost three years ago.Any ideas???

Brawl in the Hall 3: Kim Dee vs Claire Shaw

A new name in the White Collar/Semi Pro ranks is Left Jab Promotions here in the U.K. I for one wish we could clarify the situation between semi pro and white collar as this bout is quite clearly a white collar event to raise cash for a local hospice and all credit to the girls.

Wildcatz™ Live Showreel

My thoughts on Catz Club UK the other day led to a fan reminding me that they were some way connected to Wildcatz who made a well publicised start with articles in national newspapers as well as plenty of local publicity around their Nottingham home. Judging by the crowd supporting this meeting prospects for the future were looking good.

Women Wrestling Fights 2

A visit to yesteryear,but what year was it???

White/Nordic girls are stronger than a regular men, is a fact

Another fine example of Prude Tube morals,if they have ever had an arguement in relation to two girls wrestling topless it would be that it is sexist. That being the case the title of this as surely got to be racist.White/Nordic girls are stronger than regular men,defined as Black,Hispanic and Asian.


If there was an award for a producer who you always kept a close eye out for,but only rarely came up with something new I feel sure Catz Club UK would be leading the field. Having arrived on the scene with this offering an absolute age went by before another offering and what became of the girls?I believe I'm right in thinking Sam appeared a few more times,while Debra who at the time was apparently thirty nine years old drifted away. Also interesting is that Sam's next bout recorded for fans was against Kizzy who fans will recognise as the now leader of Bitchfight UK,Simone.

Free Full Match - BWS/BCWF Wrestling - European Championship: Joey D vs ...

I have followed with interest the debate on the Mixed Wrestling Forum as to who is the fans favourite lady.
One who as created an impression from our side of the pond is Belgium's
Priscilla who seems to be making a career out of taking on the men,a check of her record shows few f v f bouts.

Queen of the Deathmatch Sabrina Sixx vs Kathy the butcher Owens

Just when you thought it couldn't get worse Miss Sixx goes from wrestling some guy in a mask to a death match. There can be no doubt about the damage you could get when your opponent is Kathy the Butcher Owens. I can't help thinking that unless Miss Sixx is extremely well paid for this she would be safer with a job in a supermarket.


While away in Spain I met up with one or two fans of a certain age and as always thoughts went to what became of  favourites from yesteryear.
One girl who always features is Susan,but mention of her someone recalled her opponent here the lovely young blonde Pam.A number of fans were of the opinion that she must have had a hot date later that night,hence the hairdo. Now whatever became of her???