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Saturday, 16 April 2016


I have to admit to having never heard of this till we were away the other week and happened to mention to a friend from Germany the double standards and weird morals of our friends at Prude Tube.
He said I should look up things like this which are marked up as 18+and guess what?With no proof of age or identity up this came along with a number of others and yet two girls wrestling with bare breasts is instantly taken down.

AWA Supreme 01 3 22 14 Douglas Matthews vs Sabrina Sixx

This as got to be a bit of inspired promoting,did they go into a local bar and find someone who fitted the mask,then unable to think of a scary name let him use his own??
I'm sure when he returned to the bar with his wages his friends were well impressed.As for his opponent Miss Sixx
is apparently a second generation wrestler who looks like she could do with a good meal.

Bra & Panties Boxing !

This as to be one that goes close the Prude Tube guidelines on what is permitted,bra and panties boxing,surely one of the girls would be in need of a bra.

Friday, 15 April 2016

14 Year Old vs 18 Year Old Cheer Leader

In this case you have to say stick with being a cheerleader!!!

50 KNOCKOUTS:Female Boxers

When you watch this it's interesting to note how many of the girls should have been pulled out before they were stopped.

Thursday, 14 April 2016

Skye vs. Jade

Action from 2005 at the Wodson Park Leisure Center,Ware in Hertfordshire with Skye often also known as
Vicky Skye after starting out using her own name Vicky Swain in action against Jade who there is always some confusion with as this was one of the names used years ago by Paige who this definitely wasn't.

Bintou Schmill vs Ester Konecna - 6 rounds Welterweight - 20.03.2016

Following my thoughts on the other female bout on this card I spoke with our old friend Nadine in Germany who suggested that before making comment I should view another bout where
Bintou Schmill born in Togo and resident in Germany with a record of 12 wins all but one inside the distance was beaten by Ester Konecna
from the Czech Republic in only her second contest.Though I do believe she as some experience as a amateur having fought medal winner Nicola Adams.

Wednesday, 13 April 2016


I have often complained about the double standards on Prude Tube but when we returned from holiday the other day I was even more shocked to discover my ex as been banned by VK.
A little while back Blogger stopped me using clips from VK and my ex took it over and used it as an outlet for items I wasn't allowed to use.
So why was she banned?Apparently for posting porno!!!Shock horror,most of her offerings were wrestling and boxing though she did admit to being Bi and posted a few pics of girls she fancied and there was I thinking Russia had moved on into the modern world!
For the benefit of those fans who followed her as Jill Schmit on VK a pic
from our holiday and her best wishes.

Stardom Wrestling Stardom vs World - 02 21 2016

A good poser for fans of the female scene.Name all the girls in the World Team.


I don't know how many fans have ever visited the Rowley Gym where many of the best from the U.K.seem to be appearing of late.

Recent additions seem to be Jenna and Jade.

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

【G-1格鬥會】第2集 - 唐紫睿 VS 龍小菌 (Round 1 - 3)

A number of country's have from time to time put their celeb's in the boxing ring,but this is a first I believe Hazel Tong
the winner is a quite well known actress born in Hong Kong in 1987,her latest film being Gigolo 2.Her opponent I know little of but was told she is also a celeb.

Maria Lindberg vs Timea Belik - 6 rounds Super Welterweight - 20.03.2016...

Another of those classic miss-matches that are becoming a little too regular in Germany of late,Timea Belik even in the opening round looks like she doesn't fancy this at all.
Hardly a surprise as she made her losing debut in 2014 and this is only her second outing,by contrast Maria Lindberg at 39 years old as just one loss on her record and that was around five years ago.


A not miss date with the Fighting Dolls is the weekend of the 6th,7th and 8th of May at Brno,Czech Republic.
I have to admit to not having seen prices for the event but more info can be obtained from
and looking at the action and the girls from their October last year event it could be good value for money.

Monday, 11 April 2016


On paper this would seem almost like madness,41 years old Chritina Mc Mahon
in only her seventh pro bout going in with Zulina Munoz a 28 year old with a record of 47 contest and only one loss.

Heavy Power! Martha Salazar vs. Alejandra Jimenez

A change of home for the women's heavy weight belt as Alejandra Jimenez
removed it from veteran Martha Salazar.

Sunday, 10 April 2016


Arrived back late last night so not up to speed yet  with latest action,thought about blaming jet lag,but after a two hour flight???