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Saturday, 17 October 2015

Nikki Burleson vs Mistery Neal

I suppose this is a useful debut for Mistery,although Nikki
as only been around for a couple of years she as put a decent record together with seven wins and one loss,she could also be considered dangerous as four of those wins were by k.o.

Paige vs Naomi - WWE Main Event 10/09/15

I'm not a fan of the WWE and all it's posers doing more shouting and screaming than wrestling,but I have to admit our own Paige is worth watching,but not a costly subscription to Sky TV.


A fan in the U.S.picked up on my thoughts about a few of the girls appearing in promotions around the U.K.where their lack of experience as been all too evident.
He put me on to this match where as he says there can be no excuse,Jennifer Justice is not a novice,so what on earth is she doing,so out of shape(our friend was worried she could be pregnant)getting in the ring with this clown?
The pic here is like one of those before and after shots.

Friday, 16 October 2015

BLOOD and GUTS in Canada.

They produce some tough girls in Australia and if you come all the way to Toronto like Shannon
O'Connell,you come to fight and fight she did,despite spilling blood she gave Sandy"Little Tyson"Tsagouris
one hell of a fight.


I have mentioned before Swish Publications and the magazines Amazons in Action and Womens Wrestling,it wasn't until someone pointed me in the right direction that I remembered the fore runner to A.I.A.which was Aggressive Women,the early copies selling for a mere £2.50,a lot of cash in those days.

Nixon Newell vs. Super Santos Sr - Attack! Pro Guest Match

Back from injury and taking on the mystery Mexican,more likely from Cheshire is the lovely Nixon Newell
from Bargoed in South Wales.
This for Great Bear Promotions of Northwich in Cheshire.

Thursday, 15 October 2015

Shimmer Title Destiny vs Saraya Knight

You've got to give credit Saraya isn't the youngest on the female scene but there can't be many harder working and this against the girl she trained,Destiny
as got to be one of the hardest.
In one respect this is a throwback to the glory days of TV wrestling with the bout fought over a number of rounds.

The Very Young Paige!!!

I have to admit that I'd never seen this,so work past the male members of the Knight family and meet mom Saraya and a very young daughter before she became Paige.


One for fans in Germany,Karlsruhe where else?For the G.B.U.F./W.I.B.F.Banteamweight Title home town girl Caroline Schroeder,32 years old
takes on Aniya Seki,born in Japan 36 years ago but now resident in Berne,Switzerland over ten two minute rounds.This looks a good match as both have decent records including ko's.
That's Saturday the 17th at the DM Arena.

Wednesday, 14 October 2015


I have no idea of what is being said,it's all Russian to me,but a lot of the action speaks for itself.

93 IN Vienna.

In the years around the early 90's one of the most popular girls around the halls of Germany and Austria was Sweden's Nelly Svenson,here taking on Anaconda Shirley in Vienna.

Tuesday, 13 October 2015


My thanks to the fan with better knowledge than I,what I thought to be Russian is in fact Greek.
Though he didn't appear any wiser about the rules.Appearing under the same banner as yesterday these girls wear gloves and kick and punch.


Another visit to England's South West and two more tough girls get it on.

Monday, 12 October 2015

Sue Brittain vs Belle Star

Another of those bouts from yesteryear,during the late 70's and early 80's almost every gala day in the North of England featured the female wrestlers of the BWA.
Top of the bill on most was the late Sue Britain,possibly because her husband was the promoter.This bout took place at Siloth in Cumbria.


This as really got me baffled,it's billed as MMA and I believe comes from Russia or one of it's satellite states,but there are no gloves,no punches and no kicks.So really it's wrestling in the cage!

Sunday, 11 October 2015

Columbia Valley Music Fest - Drunk Boxing

In a bar the other night a guy was telling how he'd love to see his girl fight and she talked about doing it many times,the problem was the only time she was really up for it was after a few drinks.
While advising him that it was not a good idea this clip came to mind.If she's going to do it enter her to a Pink Collar event or similar,don't even consider something like this.


Do you ever wonder how often this as happened?After the guys have fought,their girls are persuaded to put on the gloves.