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Saturday, 24 October 2015


Last weekend saw the Fighting Dolls October Meet,I am led to believe that numbers were down on expectation,but there were still fans from as far afield as the USA and Australia as well as the usual Europeans.

I haven't seen pics of matches but the girls taking part doubtless look the part.

Fierce Females - Rumble in the Jungle - Full Show

I have mentioned many times the value for money given by Fierce Females in Glasgow,so good that a friend of mine traveled from Germany to see this show.
Even including his airfare he rated this great value.
For any fan who could spare an hour or two to go and see the show live the next one is on the Friday the 30th of October again at the Walkabout in Glasgow.
Prices start from eight quid(£8.00).

Dora Nana vs Charlotte Kernan

Nicknamed Dora the Destroyer,Dora
Nana lives up to it in this semi pro bout for 12 Rounds Promotions in South London.

Friday, 23 October 2015


Doesn't time fly,I have mentioned before how much better I considered the work of Fighting Style

was when they were operating in Berlin.What I hadn't realised was how much time had passed since then.
It's hard to believe but it's now twelve years since the almost boyish Nadine was in action

against blonde Gina.I wonder what became of them???


Many fans of A.I.A.were also into other Swish Publications including Claws,I have mentioned before that I have never been a great fan of the fantasy side of things which I always felt was the way Claws leaned.

But I have to admit when I saw a pic posted on The Mixed Wrestling Forum by "bartos"that I couldn't believe what I was seeing.There laid out on his attic floor were copies of Claws,Fighting Gals Monthly and A.I.A.'s fore runners that I have mentioned Aggressive Women and Accord.
So I have to give credit for the pic to"bartos"and The Mixed Wrestling Forum I feel sure he will be delighted to hear your thoughts.

キャットファイト (catfight) Full Semi Final !

Every time I view one of these I wish I at least had a basic understanding of the lingo.To save the viewer a little time the first around four minutes is taken up with advertising,that's followed by a whole weekend's entertainment if you were to get a translator and try to work out the story line.

Thursday, 22 October 2015

Ayesha Ray a new SuperStar???

Currently rising through the ranks is twenty six years old,six foot Londoner
Ayesha Ray,The Female Predator Amazon or Amazon Blackie to give her all her handles.The fact she was trained by Sweet Saraya and husband Rickie Knight is a good enough pedigree.

SSW: Melanie Cruise (c) vs. Mary Elizabeth Monroe

Action from Wisconsin's major promoter SSW,thanks to friends in that part of the world.
Melanie Cruise another belt holder in action against
Marie Elizabeth Monroe.


I have mentioned for a few weeks now the local tv to the Leeds area which features the semi pro boxing of the guys and girls of that area and beyond,in fact one girl who took on Sam Smith
came from Russia.
The real purpose of this is that it would appear possible to get the show on the net at

I'm told also online are www.madeinbristol/cardiff/tyne& I can't promise boxing on any of these but it could just be worth a look.

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Sian Naomi Jones VS Danielle Semi Pro.

With the info from fans in the Leeds area with reference to the girls in that area being a part of the semi pro scene,I wondered how much of the thing is happening.
I discovered 12 Rounds Promotions operating out of South London the people behind this slugfest.So much better than the female amateur scene of padded up girls in crash hats.

Boxing for Breast Cancer Care - TBC Vs Louise Hatch

Many girls have taken to boxing through events like this,but even if this is their sole outing in a boxing ring the amount of money raised makes it well worth while.
I have to admit that I know little about Louise Hatch
but my contacts tell me she raised £1,460.

Gold Rush Pro : Shotzi Blakk Heartt Vs Thunder Rosa

I often wonder if some of these characters are dreamed up by promoters or are some for real.Today's mystery is
Shotzi Blakk Heartt,who I struggle for info on,apart from a load of what is at best fantasy.
Her opponent the crowd favourite Thunder Rosa
I'm told was born in Mexico and is now resident in California,what could be simpler?


Mention of the Bethlehem yesterday and being in contact with the fan who is closer than I made me look up what they had in the future and an interesting one came up.
The 29th of November see's
Sam Smith return to the ring,this time in a ten rounder against Christina Linardatou
a resident of Greece,Christina as an impressive six wins from six,four by stoppage,her last win went the full eight rounds,so on paper anyway she looks useful.The only downside I can see is that all her fights took place in her homeland of the Dominican Republic.

Tuesday, 20 October 2015


I have to admit that the theory held by a friend of mine is almost like a work of fiction.
But he does point the finger at this bout as his proof,the case in point is Melinda Lazar
who at 41 years old is in only her third bout,the first was in Budapest in her homeland Hungary,next came a trip to New York and this in Hamburg in Germany.
The theory is that these women have had children and are now looking for a new challenge.This could explain girls entering Pink Collar Boxing etc,but the pro ring??


I should say sorry for repeating this clip,but I do have a reason.My contact in West Yorkshire as just watched the latest offering from Bethlehem Boxing and it featured Jodie Wilkinson
from Normanton in her latest fight when she stopped Chantelle Allen of Manchester.
The bout I'm repeating here saw Jodie beaten in January this year by Kelly Morgan.
Another interesting part of the tv show was the club training a number of girls for a Pink Collar Event which is where Chantelle first tried boxing in one of the Manchester meetings.

New Zealand Female Pro Wrestling | JPE vs Frankie Quinn

I have to admit that here in the U.K.this would be announced as a catch weight contest,I wouldn't like to guess at the difference in weight between
JPE,apparently it stands for Just Plain Evil,no shock there then and opponent slim line
Frankie Quinn.

Monday, 19 October 2015


I got the message that one fan at least was interested in what the inner pages of Amazons in Action contained,I hope these come out good enough.

For the benefit of those too young to have seen the publication,the outer cover both back and front was in colour,
while those inside contained pictures and script,but all in black and white.

Shanna vs Sammy Baynz - AYA C.A.T.C.H. - Septembre 2015 à GAP

When you look out the window and see the worst of Autumn's weather,rather like today,it's nice to remember sunnier days.And this was only last month in France!!!

Jennifer Justice VS Sarah Summers

I'm hoping he's wrong but having viewed this bout with Jennifer Justice in August before the joke bout of the other day,I have to agree she was no where near the same shape,surely she can't be pregnant and still wrestling?
In the case of her opponent
Sarah Summers without being insulting that is her natural shape.

Sunday, 18 October 2015

Last nights result.

The G.B.U.Ladies Bantam Weight Title went to Aniya Seki
with a unanimous ten round win over Caroline Schroeder.


Just a pic but an interesting one as I had never seen Sybil Starr
in a MMA or boxing bout ,many times I have seen her wrestle but this was a first,any idea's folks???
Or is it a shot from one of those belly punch films?


A fan came up with this pic from the Festelle meeting when Beatrice brought her girls from Belgium to compete and the two girls that really impressed our friend were on the left Pam
from London and Cathie from Belgium.I wonder as he did have you ever passed them in the street or the supermarket without realiseing?

Ronda Rousey on having sex before she fights: Real Sports Web Extra #3 (...

I put this up for the benefit of a young man I spoke with the other day,he had mentioned that his girl was willing to take part in one of those popular pink collar fights and he never mentioned worrying that she may get hurt,he was only concerned about how it may affect his sex life.