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There are without doubt some lovely girls in the Models Wrestling stable and according to the blurb Gaia is a 23 years old dancer from Italy in Paris to take on 20 years old French girl Hana.
It may be that Gaia's inexperience led to this being a rather tame affair for my liking.

Mixed Judo Domination

My quest to make judo attractive to spectators continues!!!


I have never been a great fan of wrestling on a bed but for Luzia I'll make an exception.

Steph Farley vs Sylwia Doligalia WCL4

Action from North Wales where Steph Farley the girl from Denbigh is taken to a draw by Sylwia Doligalia who manged to compensate for her lack of inches.

LAISHRAM SARITA - Pro Boxing 2017 at Imphal, Manipur (Sarita of Manipur ...

India's first female pro boxer Laishram Sarita Devi opened her career with a points win against experienced Hungarian Zsofia Bedo three years her junior at 29 years of age but with a record of sixty one pro bouts,though only 19 of those were wins.

Two white bitchs fight over food

I left the original title for this one in place as for the life of me I can't work out what food had to do with the fight.

Rebecca Yates vs Becky Ridding Takedown FC 2

Rebecca Yates a winner in a another strange one for me,a boxing bout in the cage.And despite looking to be still in the fight her opponent is pulled out.


A friend of mine when he first saw this thought the guy was Mo Farah CBE long distance running Olympian.


A short part of a favourite from the early days of Fighting Style and their days in Germany.

Anne The Hammer Fight Night March 2017

Two more girls who I know little about save that I'm told their background is MMA in the Wolverhampton area of the U.K.

Niko Fight Night 8: Jessica Bary VS Clair Shaw

When you see the tat's you often think of a tough girl but this is one tough girl forced to quit.


Despite the first minutes of silent interviews this is worth a view for those who like to see the girls star out dressed.


Donald Trumps thoughts on Twitter with regard to the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan have come in for criticism from many in the U.K.but if you put Khan's name into You Tube search you will see whose side he is really on. This is a moderate version of his views from his election as London Mayor,search further and you will see his support for ISIS and others,all of which would see him banned from entering the President Trump!!!

FRIDAY NIGHT FIGHTS - Hayley Miles vs Janine Jansen

Action from New Zealand with two tough girls.

Just a Thought 28.

Please join us in the real World!! My apologies for going a little political from time to time,but there are people who are darlings of the left wing media who could do with a reality check. A friend's daughter as recently had the doubtful privilege of living close to the East London Mosque and having endured the thoughts of poor little rich girl Lily Allen on left wing tv and radio suggested she should parade in her usual sexy way of dressing,without her army of security in Aldgate or Whitechapel in close proximity to the Mosque and see the reaction.
Another silly popsicle from a world of gated security and armed guards is Katy Perry who my friend's daughter suggests would get a similar welcome if she went along and sung her hit record I Kissed a Girl.
How does she know what the reaction would be?Well she just happens to be lesbian and although she doesn't dress like Lily Allen or kiss her girl friend in front of the crowds at the Mosque she as been told more than once to cov…

Glamour Girl Boxing - Toni Wildish v Summer Angel - Caesars

This takes us back to 2010 at Ceasars Palace in Streatham,South London with one time glamour model Toni Wildish more often known as Toni Samantha in her younger days.
At the time she was a 33 years old mother of four and had been subject of a curfew after making false claims for benefits totaling £7000. Her opponent was Summer Angel Lee another "star"of the glamour industry. 


I can't wait for this form of judo to reach the Olympic Games,but I'm sure they'll make her take off the high heels and at least wear her black belt as a garter.

MJ Jenkins vs Masha Slamovich (Women's Wrestling)

No messing here as the girls get into the action from the off,my sources tell me that MJ Jenkins is a newish name with a background as a singer and personal trainer.
While her opponent Masha Slamovich also known as Skin Ripper is a title holder at Unpredictable Wrestling.


Hard to believe that this was 14 years ago,I bet Ron still treasures the memory.