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Or should it be both?Two undeniably sexy girls in a sporting contest with plenty of effort and no small amount of skill.Probably their breasts are slightly surgically enhanced,but many girls who have worked on building up their bodies need a little help in that department.


To continue the theme is it perverted?One only as to examine where this arguement starts.If someone discovers a friend is into women wrestling the first thing thrown at them is you are a pervert,this despite what I have mentioned before the number of couples who watch together.Should the guys wife or girlfriend take part the same school of thought dictates she must be kinky,or have been forced into taking part.
While I am in no doubt that this kind of thing does go on I also believe that this kind of thing is easy to spot.The real thing stands ot against all comers,one only as to view the nude bout here,yes it does pander to the sit on her face merchants,but the girls have clearly not been forced to do it.In the other clips Belgian Cathi with the lovely tanned body takes on a young looking Pam and Leoni does battle with a lovely young Manchester girl Vannessa.Girls do not take part in bouts like these if they do not enjoy the experience.


I have comented before on our old friend "Jef the Ref" and what as become of him?These clips of Veronica and Kitty brought that thought back as there he is again and still no one as been able enlighten us as to his present where abouts.


Recent coment set me thinking is female combat sexy or some kind of perversion?The mere fact that here in Europe(Germany in particular)it is accepted as a sport and watched both live and on tv by both male and female fans seems to back that up.The slight exception seems to be boxing as one fan pointed out after last weeks feature on the pro bout in Germany.Looking at the girls at the end of the fight you really would have to be kinky to to find those bruised and bloodied faces sexy.But as someone I spoke too the other day pointed out it is the girls choice to put on the gloves and earn good money this way.And from a fans view point would it be viewed different had they been fighting for Festelle or DWW and fought topless?I mention this because in one bout in the Garden Boxing series of some years back I can recall a DWW girl finishing a bout of three one minute rounds with an extremely bruised and swollen face.


Oh no it doesn't.This thought is often uppermost in many promoters minds when arranging an event.When you have the right number of girls and try to pair them off it is almost garuanteed that a disparity in size will occur leading to at least one bout being a complete waste.The exception to that rule can be seen here where despite being beaten for size,the smaller girls technique made for a very good bout.


Last night in Magdeburg,Germany Ina Menzer retained her world titles by stopping Ramona Kuhne in the sixth round on a technical ko.The referee stopping the fight when Kuhne sustained a nasty cut on her left eybrow.A look at both girls faces in these pics indicates just how much punishment they took and I feel sure Kuhne will demand a rematch.