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Saturday, 2 January 2016


We all have a point where something triggered our interest and this came to mind over the holiday when another fan mentioned  the trigger for him was the stage production from yesteryear of Trafford Tanzi which started life in Manchester and over the years with slight title changes as been produced around the world.
The interview here is with the lovely Toyah Wilcox just one of the stars.To explain the change of titles relates to the name Trafford a district of Manchester. 
I think I'm correct in saying the wrestling adviser in the original production was Mrs.Brian Dixon,Mitzi Mueller.

Female Wrestling and Mixed Wrestling From Berlin. Meet the FFB Female Wr...

For those guys who fancy taking on a sexy girl,how about taking on Ana?

Friday, 1 January 2016

Sexy girls - street workout motivation 2015

For fans in the U.K.who may have been washed out of their homes over the last few weeks,just imagine if the rains were to cease and this were happening in your street.
A wonderful thing is wishful thinking!!!


Start the year as you intend to carry on,with some pretty savage ko's.