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Saturday, 12 November 2016

Fight Pulse 2016 Championship - Introduction

Great credit is due for this as it's probably the best advertising clip for a wrestling event I have seen.

2 RAW 2 READY - Dakota Ditcheva vs Cory McKenna

Another who I have featured before
Dakota Ditcheva
from Sale is coached by her mother Lisa Howarth one time world champ and it shows.Her opponent from Colchester in Essex is
Cory McKenna definitely not your typical Essex girl.

Friday, 11 November 2016


Welcome news from Belgium!!!
I'm sure many fans had noticed how Beatrice Goffin
had gone missing from the scene amid stories of child sex all of which we learned long ago were a complete fabrication.
Most recently I have learned that although she wasn't jailed her life was put on hold and kept that way for ten years until recently when she was cleared and can get on with her life.
I suppose this should act as a timely reminder to fans in Belgium to be very careful to not let your interest get you involved with the Belgian legal system.

Mixed Wrestling 2014 Brooke vs Jonny | 2014

Another of those for the clue department what are the origins of this?
Despite the poor quality of filming it looks from the style of wrestling to be British,but who on earth was Brooke and where did it take place?

BOXING in Belgien / vs Sofia 2

More of the action from Belgium with our old pal Beate taking another beating(pun).
I was interested to see what had become of the guy and it appears he as switched his interest to marching bands and transport.Though he does seem to maintain an interest in women wrestling.But luckily not taking part himself.

Thursday, 10 November 2016

BOXING in Belgien / vs Sofia 1

I think I've featured this one before but this is a far better quality effort and the lovely Sofia is always worth watching.

Tati and bri vs lekai kandis

Can you have too much fighting???This clip makes me wonder,going from two girls fighting and then two more to nothing happening at all.


I mentioned before we departed to Germany that we travelled light,this is due to me being a tight fist and only going with low cost airlines and guess what my ex's hand luggage fell foul of the rules and had to be put in the hold at the cost of £45!!!
Part of the week was spent with friends so we didn't go completely broke,but it is worth a mention that the early part of our stay was spent in Berlin where we bought two pints of beer(note pints not those huge steins)in a bar we have used many times before and shock horror they cost 5.50 euro each.To be fair we did find other bars where the price averaged around 3 euro.So lesson learned avoid the Irish Pub in the Europa Centre.

Highlight of Berlin for my ex was the visit to the museum of Trabant cars where they were just starting them for the Berlin tour,the fumes from the two stroke engines would have taken a few metres off the polar ice cap.She was amused at the idea of me getting in one,she found it unlikely my bulk would have fit in one and if it did would the little engine pull me along?

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

MAH01066 Steffi Schünke vs Petra Podraska

This for me is another of those that lets the business down Steffi is a 34 years old German with only one loss in twelve fights,all in the last couple of years.
Her opponent Miss Podraska is a twenty eight year old from the Czech Republic in only her second bout.The first went much the same way as this when she suffered a TKO.Watching this performance you have think she is more suited to a job in a supermarket stacking shelves.

Ladies' match : Kisu (Finland) vs. Miss Sandie (France)

a name from a few years back was at the time one of few females wrestling in or from Finland,she retired in 2009 having worked mainly for the Fight Club Finland and the Nordic Wrestling Alliance.

Another Candinate!!!

I don't doubt my friends in the mixed wrestling fraternity will disagree with me when I have this guy down as another candinate for a heart attack.
The lovely Nadia with the superb body as given many a fan a rise in the trouser department which is created I'm told by a rise in the blood pressure.So for a large gent of a certain age to get on the mat with her seems rather foolhardy.

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Rookies Girl Wrestler Women Wrestling Catfight Kiki vs Klunker Kathi

I'm a little defeated by this one I'm told it's origins are in Germany,but is there an end product to two girls rolling around in a fun fight on someones roof?


I mentioned before my meeting up with a number of fans in Germany and what inspired their interest in the girl fight scene.
No surprise then that more than one person mentioned the
Bond film From Russia With Love.
The most surprising reaction was from one of the wives who recalled watching it at the cinema and her husbands over reaction when she asked if he would like to watch her fight.
She even admitted to it doing wonders for her sex life when she got a friend to give it a go.
Into the bargain she had to admit the idea of fighting Martine Beswick who played Zora or her opponent former Miss Isreal Aliza Gur did get her own juices flowing.

20160909 2eme jeune fille teste le naturisme à la fete de l'humanité

Another blip in Prude Tube's moral crusade it would appear that as long as you're French and don't box or wrestle it's ok to appear nude.

Monday, 7 November 2016

"Foxy Food Fight" shot live at the Whisky a go go in 1987

Another of those where are they now posers?Very shortly it will be thirty years since this was filmed and Sugar Rae will probably be looking after the grandkids and cooking the food instead of wrestling in it.

Women's wrestling at 4fw

One of the things that my friends in Germany admire is the effort put into bouts in the U.K.around the smaller halls.
The promoters here are 4 Front Wrestling from the Swindon area whose next meet is on the 26th of November at the Thatcham Catholic Hall with tickets from £5.25.

Sunday, 6 November 2016


Not been home too long but I just had to feature this,dueling was once a way men protected their honour or settled scores.
But did the women in those bygone days also go off to a field and do the same?
I seem to recall a film of a few years back where two well known actress's took part in a scene like this.
But who were they and what was the film??
A number of my friends in Germany could like me recall the scene but none of us could name it.
Indeed where did these pic's first appear?
Was it in a men's magazine?As my friend Ulrich thinks.
Or were they from a film like that mentioned before?
Looking forward to your thoughts on this one and so are my friends in Germany.