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Saturday, 17 September 2016


Or more thoughts,this is a bruising bout from the Chinese Boxing Akademie of Koln in Germany.

A friend of mine as an interesting view that he aired with me.He as over the years fought as a well ranked Pro Boxer,then taken his talents to the cage and in more recent times as taken to Bare Knuckle Boxing which is very popular on You Tube and he swears will shortly make the break through to main stream television channels.
He did wonder if there was a market for the girls trying B.K.B.?I did make the point that I prefer B.B.B.(Bare Breasted Boxing).

DIARY DATE...1st October...

Press conference for the fight all
Norway as been waiting for,so much so that I am told all ten thousand tickets are sold out!!!

Friday, 16 September 2016


I was wondering the other day as any fan noticed any progress in the relaunch of Catz Club UK?Things were to start happening from I think it was June the 1st,but as yet nothing appears to have happened.

Their latest fight offered for sale is still the re match between Jessica Jones and Siran.
Is this to be another false dawn?


Don't you just love it when you catch'em out again?Well done Prude Tube,had these girls been wrestling they would have been banned!!

Thursday, 15 September 2016


I almost missed this update from Models Wrestling,since they took to Twitter and their old website now well out of date is still running it's easy to do.

Anyway these are some of the action shots from July event.


I have to admit that my knowledge of Russian is limited to ordering a beer,but it would appear this is one of those boxing bouts which have proved popular in Germany for years.
With a little help from a friend we worked out that the blonde is a tv presenter/model etc Marina Pechenova,
her opponent I believe to be Olesya Prazdnikova who we could find out very little,over to you the experts on Russian.

Wednesday, 14 September 2016


This is one of those crazy Russian fights where the girls friends appear keener on them fighting than the girls themselves.

Klara Svensson and Mikaela Lauren Interview After Fight 2016

One for the brains department,the after fight interviews in Swedish.


Don't you just love it when you catch'em out again?Well done Prude Tube,had these girls been wrestling they would have been banned!!

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Klara Svensson vs Mikaela Lauren UD-10 HIGHLIGHTS WBC

Saturday's WBC Welterweight title fight from Sweden,not the best highlights and commentary in Swedish,but the only one available at the moment.

UK Girls Wrestling ( Gemma vs Madame Kiss ) HQ

The transfer of this from super 8mm film to DVD went wrong somewhere with what looks like the end before the start.
And what about the announcement?The American Star
Madame Kiss,she came from Stockport a short bus ride from Manchester.
All of which is put into even more doubt when another source gives Madame Kiss's name as Kelly Andrews.

Monday, 12 September 2016


My thanks to Lord McCoy for reviving interest in the girls of the BWA  and in particular Akala Jan.

The fan who is in touch with Ron Farrar on Face Book as come up with a few more pics of the lovely lady in the ring
around the mid 90's and one of her along with Sue and Vicky Montrose from around 2003/4.All from Ron's collection.


The lovely Antscha
as long been a favourite with fans who found her tight muscled body a real turn on and now her appeal as reached those fans who love to take on a girl in the ring or on the mat.And it's easy to see why!!

Sunday, 11 September 2016

Ladies Wrestling NOW - Mercedes Martinez vs LuFisto

In the pro world where often more talking than wrestling happens this is almost unique in it's length.

Fight Fest Michelle Nash Vs Sharon Stentiford

Two sexy young mums
really get it on,a friend of mine noted how much better this was than anything he saw at the Olympics.