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Saturday, 1 October 2016


A question posed by a long time fan,why oh why do promoters encourage all this show boating when it detracts from a very good wrestling match?
In this case over six minutes was wasted with the sort of thing that long ago stopped the fan from watching what tv had to offer.

Melania Sorroche "Chony" & Galina Ivanova. Castelbisbal, 8 feb 2014

Melania Sorroche
seen here a couple of years back boasts only one loss in a 14 fight career,but for some reason as never fought outside her homeland Spain.
Her opponent Galina Ivanova
as a rather mixed record of wins and losses,but it dates back to 1999 in many countries her last  loss was in Canada in the last few weeks.Fans in the U.K.can see her in action on the 8th  of October at the Rhondda Fach Sports Center,Tylorstown,a small village in Wales,where she fights 25 years old Ashley Brace from Ebbw Vale with four wins to her credit.

Lady fight

Lady fight?Hardly ladylike to put the boot in!!

Friday, 30 September 2016


I think I'm right in believing this is an early work from Beka Film in Germany.
But I couldn't help thinking even in those byegone days this must border on cruelty to elderly gentlemen.

REMINDER 21st October

Just a reminder starting Friday the 21st of October the latest three day event
takes place in Brno,Czech Republic,
more info from the Fighting Dolls website.

Traveller woman fight very Shan

What's unusual here??Traveller women going to ground,the norm when they fight is they stand and slug it out.


Saturday is an historic day for Cecilia Baekhus
when after ten years at the very top of her trade she fights in her adopted homeland of Norway where boxing be it male or female was banned in 1981 until recently.
Cecilia puts her WBC,WBA,IBF and WBO belts on the line against Ann Sophie Mathis
from France a rematch from Cecilia's unanimous points win in 2012.

Thursday, 29 September 2016

Maike Klüners vs. Andreja Bester 18.6.2016

I have too admit to knowing little about these two girls in their debut bout in Germany the winner Maike Kluners did I believe fight as a fairly decent amateur.

Traveller woman Fight challenge

Silly question but did a fight ever happen??

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Paloma vs Cathy

Don't you just love muscular girls???

Owens and Gery battle it out.

Women's roles in the military have changed in recent years and their training as become a new source for fans of female combat.

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Özlem Sahin vs. Agnes Draxler 18.6.2016

Don't you just love all these World Title Belts?
Miss Sahin is seen here stopping Agnes Draxler for the UBO & WBF Minimum Weight titles.
This followed her only loss in twenty three fights to Gretchen Abeneil for the GBU & WIBF Minimum Weight Titles.


A great favourite with fans here in Europe was the lovely Karine.But I wonder where is she now twelve years after this event in Berlin?

Monday, 26 September 2016

Angel McManus v Klondyke Kate

A friend of mine who was resident in Wales during the time Reslo was on tv tells me one of the great rivalry's was between the lovely Angel and Klondyke.

Sheena Kaine vs Christina Barry - Dekada Premier Fight Night June 4, 2016

An interesting bout from Canada where 32 years old
Sheena Kaine made it four wins from four and her opponent 35 years old Christina Barry
concede her fourth loss.

Sunday, 25 September 2016


My recent thoughts on Miss Linda and the Exotic Adrian Street have roused a few older fans,many like Panther100 from outside the for there benefit and others a little of the background.

For those who want a good read Aidee in his more senior years as become a rather prolific writer having published at least four auto biographies,one of the best with a lot of reference to his days in the Sadists in Sequins.

Fans outside the U.K.should realise that when Aidee became exotic the term gay meant happy,so as often as not he would be refered to as queer,which was quite amusing for the son of Welsh mining stock.Indeed a chapter in one of his books relates to him going back to see friends at the pit head in his exotic persona.

Angel McManus vs Rusty Blair

This is the first time I have seen the long version of this bout featuring two stars of the Welsh tv show RESLO which was on S4C the Welsh language channel.
I'm told was resident in Rhyl at the time and I believe Rusty
still resides there.Along with many wrestlers their careers started out in the garage of the late Orig Williams.