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Sunday, 25 September 2016


My recent thoughts on Miss Linda and the Exotic Adrian Street have roused a few older fans,many like Panther100 from outside the for there benefit and others a little of the background.

For those who want a good read Aidee in his more senior years as become a rather prolific writer having published at least four auto biographies,one of the best with a lot of reference to his days in the Sadists in Sequins.

Fans outside the U.K.should realise that when Aidee became exotic the term gay meant happy,so as often as not he would be refered to as queer,which was quite amusing for the son of Welsh mining stock.Indeed a chapter in one of his books relates to him going back to see friends at the pit head in his exotic persona.

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  1. Interesting 1-1-8 on the dude but Aidee must have been enamored [or should I say "en-amour-ed") with himself [as in derived from the French word, l'amour (love)] to compose at least 4 autobiographies ... I can understand 1 or 2 but writing at least 4 of them must have meant he was on the narcissistic side while keeping Miss Linda busy as a bee reading them all (even if he did much or all of this later in life). I'm too young to remember him or Miss Linda ... All I said in my previous comments to the entry down below I discovered (or more-or-less interpreted) entirely from information on the Web. (So if I was mistaken in anything someone can correct me.)

    Coming from a (coal) mining family, yes, I suppose back then I can understand how he was looked upon as amusing ...

    [Point is, everyone in the (coal) mine was probably laughing at him, not with him ... a Big Difference.]