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Saturday, 26 October 2013


For the benefit of the fan who doubted the bout featuring the masked girl was Shelby.Here she is again in amateur style action with long time rival Pippa.


But I love it!!Bring along your girl in her school uniform match her with another girl and sit back and enjoy?


Many fans Stateside recall the days when the top girls had to earn their money.
One of them sent me this bout from some years back when Wendy Richter took on the Monster Ripper in the cage.

Friday, 25 October 2013


From the Female Wrestling Zone come Hope from Israel and Sunny from the Ukraine.

Thursday, 24 October 2013


In recent weeks people in the U.K.have been reading of the problems two young ladies have got having been caught trying to smuggle drugs from Peru.
One of the things the media always dwell on is how tough life in prison is out there.
If what we see here goes on in the local playing fields you can only guess at what goes on in jail.
If there is a up side to the girls demise is that the average sentence for their offence is around eight years,so if this kind of thing goes on behind bars they will be still young enough to earn a living in the squared circle when they get out.

Wednesday, 23 October 2013


Looking at this guy it wouldn't take much to make him a candinate for the kiss of life.
I could be wrong but I believe this took place in Manchester and the guy may have possibly paid for this treatment.

Tuesday, 22 October 2013


A slightly strange offering from the early days of the Black Sea Amazons,the girl claimed to be a boxer appears to lack stamina or heart for the fight before quitting having hurt her foot. 

2nd PART.

To continue,the big problem with all these bouts was that at that time I had no understanding of English and our opponents had only limited German.The bout in question became violent in a very short time,after I had conceded the first fall I was saying to my boyfriend in my corner that someone should explain to my opponent that I wanted to wrestler and not fight.Needless to say I lost and took a terrible beating,which sent the spectators wild with excitement.Indeed the promoter offered me good money to take on the girl in a boxing match.No way!!!
Not long after this I parted company with my boyfriend,it seemed he wanted me to get into more extreme bouts which seemed to excite him,though this was short lived as he got more into steroids,yes it's true about what they do for a man in the trouser department.
To be continued....The girls in the clip are I'm told from the same stable in Wales and yes that was me(pic) around the same time in the 80s.

Monday, 21 October 2013


I've always thought what a great shame it is that some of the best girls often work to small crowds.
You could pay huge amounts to big promoters and still not see two girls work as hard as Mercedes Kaestner-Varnado and her opponent Ivy Fit.

JANE COUCH U.K.s No 1 Still!!!!

Despite taking center stage at the Olympics no female boxer as come through the pro ranks to even come near the exploits of the"Fleetwood Assasin"Jane Couch M.B.E.
Jane became the leader in the taking on authority for the right to fight when she took up the game at twenty six years old after a troubled youth and fighting her way from small time bouts in her home town of Fleetwood to the States and beyond.Having retired and gone into promoting and womens boxing being featured on many bills,as yet no one as come through the ranks to take Jane'

s place as the nations number one.

Sunday, 20 October 2013


 Many greater scribes than I have documented the day when female pro wrestling took on it's glamour image and many like myself agree it was not for the better.The start for me was when the girls of G.L.O.W.first appeared on the scene.So tame was their offerings that they sold in a mainline newsagents.The girls were actually listed as actress's in this case Sally one of many Farmers Daughters was played by Becky Mullen and the terrorist was Jeneen Jewitt.Was there ever a worse series than those produced by G.L.O.W.???


A date for fans in Europe on Saturday the 26 October Elina Tissen will defend her G.B.C.Super Bantam Weight Title against Fleis Djendji from Serbia.
The bout takes place on Miss Tissen's home ground at the August-Wilbert-Halle,Warendorf,Nordhein-Westfalen.
Could be an interesting one this as Miss Djendji at 32 as a record of 16 wins,10 by ko and as been beaten 19 times 5 of which were by ko and 1 draw.
Miss Tissen is 27 with a record of 16 wins 6 by ko and 2 losses.