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Saturday, 23 January 2016

Jessica Maher vs Heidi Harvey - Bout 1. 'Ultimate Boxing 25'

At sixteen Manchester's Jessica Maher is one tough young lady.A prospect for the future?

Sonya Strong 2KW 2016 DarroskixAqp

Many intergender match ups I've seen are poor value,so this is a pleasant change with decent amount of action.
I have to admit though that Sonya Strong
is not a name I'm familiar with,but for such a solid looking girl she is worth watching.


If you should be near High Wycombe today this looks like a feast of female talent on one bill.

Friday, 22 January 2016


Without being insulting the girl in the one piece is a solid looking girl,but who was she?

Tina Starr v Lolita Loren

Two more of Reslo's best,I don't know how many fans in Wales who saw the matches live or on tv ever made a note of the venues.
I know that many of the holiday camps/caravan parks around the North Wales coast featured Orig's shows and when I view many of these bouts I think they were filmed at such locations.

Thursday, 21 January 2016


It must be such a regular happening in Brazil for two girls to fight that for at least the first minute guys just walk by in search of a beer.
It isn't till they fight their way to the lower level and it becomes evident that one girls breasts are making an appearance that the guys start to take notice!! 

Yaz Sharpe Wright vs Stacey Henderson - Bout 2. 'Ultimate Boxing 27' 5/1...

When you first see Yaz she looks the part,but oh dear!!!!You have to ask did she realise what she was about to face?

Gorgeous Ladies Wrestling Scene - Ladies Wrestling Compilation 2016

All credit to the guy who put this together,good action and some lovely girls.

Wednesday, 20 January 2016


Twenty one year old Beka Bas on her debut in Essen,German gave a boxing lesson to Cagla Acar another German,twenty five years old but yet to score a win.


I have mentioned a while back that I was under the impression that Models Wrestling had gone out of business.I may have to stand corrected as a fan who is involved with Twitter as found updates for them on there.
Most recently an event on the 21st of November 2015 with bouts featuring
Christelle and Dawn and also Camille and Eddie.
Any further info from Twitter followers please keep us informed.

Tuesday, 19 January 2016


I have thought we in Europe had some of the craziest matchups but this from Australia as got to compete.
Having run out of heavyweight opponents in Oz 47 year old Kathy Rivers
was imported to fight local heavy Lisa Marie Vizaniari who is herself 42 years old.
Another interesting point is that Miss Rivers had been retired for seven years before this bout and doesn't appear to have fought since.While the heavier Lisa Marie
(42 kilos,that's almost 7 stone)seems to have also gone missing.

Jemma Thomas vs Stacey Henderson - Bout 3. 'Ultimate Boxing 25'

I don't know other fans views on these kind of semi pro bouts but one fan I spoke too took the time to compare them with the fairly recent bouts at the Olympics and despite the U.K.getting a gold medal none of the crash hatted fighters put on a show like this.
I have to agree"Mighty Mouse"
Jemma and her opponent Stacey put on a great show.

Monday, 18 January 2016


Every semi pro show seems to have a championship bout and this is no different.A good bout what only spoiled by not getting the girls surnames.
I believe it took place in Leeds,West Yorkshire,but who were they?


More action from those girls always willing to fight for charity this time from the Innocence Night Club Newmarket.

Sunday, 17 January 2016


This one features four of the best in the tag action but the poser for fans is where did it take place?
One suggestion I got which could possibly be right is at the circus in Manchester's Belle Vue.

Academia de Boxeo con Jonathan Maicelo: Mascoteo o Focus Mitt

More practice for those girls in Peru.