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Saturday, 21 November 2015

Rocket the Fighting Machine! Female Fightclub Berlin Wrestler

Another powerful girl from Berlin Fight Club.

Carina Rduch vs. Amelie Robrecht Boxen [Woman Topfight of the Night)

Both these girls background is in MMA,which goes a long way to explaining this bout.
A number of girls in the U.K.from a similar background earn a few pounds in semi pro boxing.Could their German sisters be going a similar route?

Esmée Somptueuse Contre Sexy Sindy

France as produced a number of good female wrestlers in the last few years,Sexy Sindy
is possibly the more experienced here having been around for a few years,her opponent Esmee
is I am led to believe a veteran of all of two years.

Friday, 20 November 2015


No arguement here constable I'll come quietly.Next time I go through Manchester I'll keep an eye out for these two.

Mixed wrestling... Vintage

An interesting one from yesteryear this is believed to be a Joan Wise production and the man taking part is believed to be Joan's husband.


With the dreadful attack on Paris last weekend sport as little importance at the moment,the fear is that it will affect events in the future.

With this in mind I am hoping that the WBF boxing on the 27th will go ahead in Marseille.The vacant Super Bantamweight Title is up for grabs in what looks like fairly even bout.

Thursday, 19 November 2015


If you ever wonder why people believe wrestling to be a fraud,just watch this!!!
How any promoter can put these two in the ring is beyond belief.
A skinny girl dressed as some kind of pantomime villain against one of the ugly sisters with a double beer belly.YUK!!!!

Battle of the Forces II - Natalie Whalin (GMP) VS Rachel Brooks (Body To...

The only thing spoiling these bouts for me were those silly crash hats which resulted in fights being stopped for adjustments.
What made it sillier is that Liverpool's Miss Brooks
is a more than capable boxer and as fought a number of times without headgear.

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Ramona Kuehne another win!!!!

Last weekend saw the return of Ramona Kuehne
from injury and what a return,her opponent from Hungary was becoming a punch bag very early in the fight and had to be saved by the referee in the fifth.

6 Battle of the Forces II - Charlotte Tomkinson (GMP) VS Rachel Atherton...

When I first saw these fights I was reminded of the thoughts of Jane Couch the Fleetwood Assassin who left behind her wayward life to become a top boxer,after her first bout against a serving police officer she thought how wonderfull to give a bobby a good beating and not get locked up.

U.K.Date ..Saturday 21st November.

One a little nearer to home for the stay at home fans,Monica's Wrestling Center put on their latest event.
Headlining in this one are Hex
returning to the scene after some time away,a girl with tough attitude at 5ft nine(1.75cm) and 135lbs(61kgs).Also the smaller but super fit Judy
at 5ft four(1.63cm) and 120lbs(54kgs).

Although the girls for whatever reason don't go topless there are some real good lookers on offer as you can see from the
group at September's meet and some of the action.

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Restaurant Rumble 2012 // Title: Shay Washburn vs. Kaitlin Daur // Apron...

You have to hope these two girls were allowed a few days on kitchen duty,I doubt their boss would have wanted them front of house with bruised faces.

NWC Catch #3 : Harleen vs. El Papy

Many promoters have put on mixed bouts with varying degrees of success,but NWC in France have surely reached a new low with this one!!!

Monday, 16 November 2015

Драка Бешаных пьяных Девок и за водки на природе 2013

I don't understand any Russian but the girls in this fight are worth watching.The blonde girl really does dish out punishment,the blood from her right hand soaking into her opponents clothes.

Gor Slave Girl Fight

Another for the film buffs,the film is Gor from around 1987 and
Rebecca Ferratti an expert in martial arts and weapons who had been involved in sports at a pro level was one of it's female stars.
Her most obvious talents also saw her appear in Playboy a number of times around that year.


Events in Paris this last weekend have shaken people in Europe,not least because of the policies of different governments in importing people with little or no security checks.

With the Femwrestle event coming up at the end of the month many fans may be having doubts about going to Germany.Please don't be put off,the security around the German transport network is the best I have seen within Europe for many years and I have travelled through airports and rail stations a number of times recently.
Just look at the food,drink and lovely contestants,think what you could be missing and stick two fingers up to the terrorists!!

Sunday, 15 November 2015

cOw Payday 2015 - Alpha Female & Summer vs Stepie Stern & Regina Red

A little bit of help from friends in Germany as enlightened me a little on the people behind Championship of Wrestling,they would appear to feature their own stable of wrestlers alongside a few more established names.
Interesting that the loser leaves town match of the summer went by the board only a couple of months later when Summer and Regina Red met again in tag action where the numbers were made up by Stepie Stern another I'd never heard of and super star
Alpha Female whose talents were hardly used apart from a few minutes to finish the bout.

Four-time world boxing champion, Alicia 'Slick' Ashley on Arise and Shine

I must admit to having never realised how little a female boxer was paid in the States till I watched this interview from last year with Alicia Ashley.
Another fact that had escaped me was her age,at 48 years and 81 days she became the oldest recorded champion female boxer.
A fact that dispels my thoughts about those fighters in Europe starting out in their thirties,as by my reckoning Alicia would have been around twenty eight when she first fought as a pro.