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Il Videomessaggio di Andrea 22/09/2016

If ever there was a reason to learn Italian this just might be it.

UK Mixed Wrestling ( Jodie Shaw vs Mark ) HQ

This one is interesting in that Jodie Shaw never rose to any great heights in the business she was very popular with the mixed wrestling fraternity.
This dates back to when Joe Smith was the main man at North Manchester Wrestling and I think I am right in saying the guy getting the treatment is in fact Paul Diamond.

East Bay Rats Fight 10 Girls Fight! 2016 07 16

If the bikers in the U.K.had nights like this Id have to buy myself a Harley


This poster reminded a fan in Wales of the time some years back when ITV took wrestling off our tv screens.The void for many fans was filled by independent promoters who brought on the girls. One of those was Black Foot Sioux on the same bill as her future husband Aidrian Street,fans Stateside will know her as Miss Linda.What I hadn't realised was that both have now passed the official retiring age in the UK and by a few years.


Could this be a rival to Simone's Bitchfight UK?A new name is always welcome though as yet they only seem to have one fight to offer.

East Bay Rats Fight Night #8 02/23/2016 Raw Handheld GIRLS FIGHT!!! MMA

It's good to see the ladies of the East Bay Rats back in action,it doesn't last long but they certainly came to fight.

Lena vs Alexey (dww)

This as got to be one of the earliest offerings from DWW,or at least it looks like old 8mm film featuring two young looking fighters in a mixed match.

Bruchenball Turnier MPS Dresden 2015 Damen

Something different from my friends in Germany,a spot of sport from a time gone by.
The idea would appear to be to get the ball(the ball apparently being straw,cowhide and pine cones) into your opponents goal. There is a tradition in Dresden,Germany with this kind of thing and anyone in that part of the world would be advised a visit.
Many of the people involved here can be found at one of Dresden's Christmas Markets.

Boxing Angel McKenzie v Lana Cooper. Part 2

For the second part of this bout I can't fail to mention Angel's opponent,from the Welsh Valleys Lana Cooper who fought 8 times up till 2013 and lost every one,as well as being stopped in two of them.
At least Lana didn't have any delusions and at the time was believed to be a bakery worker for a day job.

Boxing Angel McKenzie v Lana Cooper. Part 1

For those fans outside the U.K.the name Angel McKenzie probably means nothing,unless you are Russian and you may recall her as Moscow born Elena Semenovna Chebotareva"pop star".
This bout took place in July of 2009 shortly after Angel was booted from the Big Brother House.Her career as spanned 46 fights up to March this year with only 4 wins and having been stopped 5 times. All I can think is it must be better than getting a proper job as she's still in there getting beat at 43 years old. 

Night of Kombat Michelle Nash Vs Asha Patel

More action from England's South West where Asha Patel gave Michelle Nash a bruising fight. So much so that a  clash of heads resulted in Michelle not looking her best the following day.


I have to admit to not having seen any of these but from the pics the films of Underground Girlfight Club could be worth a look.

Although I can't be certain they appear to have been filmed prior to 2010,with possibly not the best equipment.