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Mansour vs Ally Cat AAPW

I often wonder how many small time promoters there are around the world and how many survive more than a few months. Having said that I doubt the wage bill for putting on this bout would have broken the bank. Ally Cat managed by a Beau Brummell (friend of the Prince Regent and fashion icon 1778 to 1840)lookalike takes on this tall skinny guy who looks like he had been working in the kitchens.
I have been told that in the three or four years since this bout Mansour the kitchen hand now doubles up as a Elvis impersonator.


Never knew this guys name and only ever saw him when he took over from Jeff as substitute referee for some bouts,but I'm sure many fans would swap places with him for the chance to get to grips with Sue.


Some times news outlets jump on the wrong horse,most recently the story of Olympic Champ Nicola Adams pro debut and her sexuality.Her debut fight was nothing to write home about and most of us know she is bisexual. What they did miss is the news that Kelly Morgan as been missing from the scene in recent months.So I am happy to right the wrong and let her explain in her own words her problems of late.


For lovers of the smaller breasted girls 32 years old Denny takes on 24 years old Deli for the Fighting Dolls.


Before this I had only ever seen short clips from this source.

Real Women Fight

If you had the time a day visiting U.K.Council Estates would be well worth while.The best time is possibly in the coming months when with a little luck the sun will shine and the unemployed chav's will be seen in their gardens quaffing cans of strong lager,the perfect recipe for a kick off like the one here.

Night of Kombat Karolina Wojcik Vs Polly Beauchamp

Another of those bouts where girls more used to MMA go up against eachother in the boxing ring.

Долина борьбы / Fight Valley [2016

You saw the teaser and now the Russian Language version!!


I must admit to having never realised that a very young looking Jef the Ref had ever featured at the World of Wildcats.

No 21 Just a Thought.

The lovelies today are my thoughts on what Wales would be like had they got Mediterranean weather.
We had a great week in a caravan/mobile home call it what you will,but they aren't made for persons with a fuller figure,you try sleeping in a three foot wide bed and as for the toilet I won't describe the problems.
The weather by day wasn't bad but by night was bloody cold,even by day the idea of topless sunbathing was out of the question,the ex didn't shed her fleecy jumper,not even for bed!!!
My keyboard had barely cooled down and news comes through that the government have called a snap General Election,oh no!!!More weeks of politicians being given time on tv and radio to make promises they rarely keep and often can't even remember making within hours of election.

Fight Valley - Official Teaser

Just what it says,the Official Teaser!!


Festelle's heavyweight Helen in action against the slim Susan.Despite her size advantage Helen always suffered against Sue's powerful legs.


Just back from our short break,more of that later.Action from yesteryear with the impressive Ali Day.