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Saturday, 30 May 2015


Unless you're already in Northern Germany this is probably a little late,but if you are around the earlier mentioned Minimum Weight Champ
Oezlem Sahin keeps up her busy schedule at the Boxsporthalle,Braamkampe,Winterhude,Hamburg where she fights Claudia Ferenczi
22 years old from Bratislava,who would appear to have fought fifty eight times dating back to 2007,which if my maths is correct would have made her around 14.

Her history becomes even more clouded when she as been a winner in only ten of these bouts.


This is one that made me think the girls would have possibly been better without a ref,just let em get it on!
Katharina Lehner is 25 years old and from the Combat Club,Cologne and her opponent is Tabea Frank
from theFight Lounge Fitness Club,Dortmund.

OH DEAR!!!!!

You have to ask how on earth do some of these girls get a licence Petra Podraska is 26 years old and from the Czech Republic,this was her debut back in February.
For all the world the"fight"reminded me of a sorry tale told me by a girl who believe it or not had attended a few"boxercise"classes before being persuaded by a promoter to travel to Europe and enter the pro ring.
Dina Thurslund
the 21 year old from Denmark as had a couple of wins since this,though non was quite as easy.


Not often to be found in Europe is a champ at this weight,38 years old Miss Sahin was born in
Turkey but now is resident in Ludwigsburg,Germany.
For this title bout she took on Buangern Onesongchaigym from Thailand sixteen years her junior at only 22.
Rather surprisingly for a German champ the fight took place in Vienna,Austria.

Friday, 29 May 2015


Fans in Europe if you can make the trip to Germany don't miss
Mat on Fire Event at Troisdorf near Cologne,promoted by Femwrestle de,looking at what's on offer

it looks excellent value for money.

SPRING EVENT....Fighting Dolls!!!

Presently featured on the Fighting Dolls Forum are a few reports on the recent Spring Event which apparently attracted fans from nine different countries,all or most of whom are looking forward to the next Event which I believe will be in October.

Julie v vs Inna G.

A couple of fairly new names from the Black Sea Amazons stable.

Thursday, 28 May 2015


In Europe this is a catchweight contest where
Vera is giving away almost 20kg to the much heavier

Ultra White Collar Boxing Coventry Ladies | Fight 10

It could be worth fans of the female scene keeping an eye out for these contests in their own area,as they appear to take place in most areas of the U.K.with some featuring just female bouts.

Wednesday, 27 May 2015


Some years back these girls were featured in video filmed in many clubs and bars.
I wonder where are they now?


I'm never sure what it is about mud that attracts all these followers!


Oklahoma City must be the breeding ground for small tough girls,Nikki Burleson is another in the Flyweight division,she is still building a reputation in these four rounders her last win being only a few days ago.
Her opponent here in 2012 was Chelsea Colarelli was in her second and last fight having lost on her debut to Stephanie Dobbs  in 2010,a pity really as despite losing blood she put up a decent performance.

Monday, 25 May 2015

Keep an Eye Out!!!

If by chance you're passing through Daventry watch out for Symon,I only hope he was a willing volunteer for this treatment.
I could be wrong but isn't the referee the same guy who appeared on a few Festelle Videos?

Ultra White Collar Boxing Birmingham | Fight 6

More action from those brave girls who put the gloves on for charity,this time the bouts were in the city of Birmingham.

Sunday, 24 May 2015


It's that girl again,in the short time between her last and debut bout she seems to have become a slightly more controlled fighter,though the result is the same a draw.
Her opponent is a slight mystery,listed as Rebecca Hoffman here,in the results at BoxRec she is listed as Rebecca Miller the co owner with her husband of the Western Avenue Boxing Gym,Oklahoma City.


Festelle produced some really good videos over the years,but matching the guys with the girls rarely worked for them.