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I don't know what the paying punters will make of the recent press given to Models Wrestling Management,what started out as a piece in Metro the free paper to be found on most transport links around the now found it's way the tabloid world of the Sun newspaper. the work of Cam,one time model,dancer and boxer,strange but neither paper asked where she did her boxing?But I would have thought she would have wanted some control on what is written,events take place in a small boxing gym under the arches in Vauxhall and for a mere £150 a highly respectable guy can take a beating,oh and nothing sexual occurs!!!
I know that the News of the World is long gone from the scandal sheets but were I one of those highly respected types I think I'd be travelling there dressed as a super hero not as the business man from down the road.

Mona vs Little Jeannie Saturday Night April 1st, 2000

Just to prove that sixteen years ago she was much nearer to being "little" Little Jeanie,got to admit though she's wearing well.

Little Jeanne Vs Ashley America Female Wrestling Match

I'm never sure why a girl makes a comeback,Little Jeanne retired in 2009 and yet here she is seven years later.


The lovely Madison showing all her skills,but who is Miss Gia?

Mixed Wrestling. Old lion vs Young lioness

When I see a bout like this I wonder what precautions would have to be taken in the present day? An elderly gent like this getting to grips with a lovely young lady like Sonja,a likely prospect for a heart attack?

Female Pro Wrestling : Just Plain Evil vs Lex Smith

An interesting one this Just Plain Evil the big bad girl of New Zealand wrestling gets in the ring with Promotion Maniacs United general manager 52 years old Lex Smith,whose day job apparently is a government compliance officer,beside her talent as a poet and martial artist.


Latest info from fans in West Yorkshire is that the Made in Leeds channel on Freeview as now moved to Channel 7 on the Free View Box. Also it can be found on the net at where you can find the latest episodes from the Bethlehem Boxing Club featuring the latest bouts of Leeds own Miss Sam Smith.

Sweet Saraya, Paige & Nikki Best vs Destiny, Melodi & The Pink Lady

There are a couple of very good reasons to rack the brains in this tag match. What year was it???Paige was many years from being Paige and was still a very young looking teenager.And the other was,who on earth was the Pink Lady?


I mentioned a little while back that my ex had been banished from VK,so it came as a surprise that some of the material she posted is still there and still credited to her name.My thanks to one avid fan for that,infact he was also able to find video from a few others who have been banned in recent times.A double standard bordering that of Prude Tube methinks!!!
My thanks also to our old friend Zweig of the Mixed Wrestling Forum who managed to find the pictorial content seen here on Tumblr not a source where our favourite interest is often found. The pics date from 1975 and feature Judell DuLong in action against Marleah Rudolph.

Little Miss Roxxy Vs Ruby Summer TCW 11/03/2016

Another newish name in the promotions game to me is Tidal Championship Wrestling with it's roots in the North of England.This bout took place at the Dolphin Center in Darlington,though most of it's promotions seem to have taken place at the University of Leeds,Students Union. Those involved here are Little Miss Roxxy,one time pole dancer and fire eater as part of the Hellz Bells team and Ruby Summer from West Yorkshire a former hair dressing,beauty therapy student in the days when she was just plain Laura Eskriett.

Maddison Miles - Sixteen and Fighting

An interesting insight into the life of a rising star with contributions from her parents and boyfriend.

Best of WCW - Women Championship Wrestling Volume 1

Just for the fun of it I tried to trace what became of the girls taking part,without too much success.Over to you!!