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Female Live Armwrestling @ Club Mojito Judenburg LF 19

The arm wrestling as now found it's way to the Mojito Cuban Bar in Judenburg,Austria.

Fire Vs Jade & other

Lovely girls but a little tame for me!!!

AlterKate vs Cindy B 18 October 2015

No idea what standard wrestling is at in Belarus but from some of material online with this bout it looks like these two are relative novices.

Rhia O'Reilly vs Kira Fox (EMPRESS PRO)

And all the action.

LF 17 Live Armwrestling Girl vs Girl @ Club Crazy Bull Velden

I must admit to having taken little notice of the site mainly because there seemed little real action happening.
It wasn't until I saw this clip that I even realised where things were filmed,I still aren't 100% sure that the girls are local girls found in disco bars,but this arm wrestling comes from the Club Crazy Bull in Velden am W├Ârthersee,Austria where all kinds of crazy things go on including guys having log sawing competetion's and the girls don't look bad either!!

Jennifer Salinas vs Jasmine Clarkson

An interesting one is this the highly experienced"Bolivian Queen"Jennifer Salinas

with a record stretching back around twelve years takes on the thirteen years younger Jasmine Clarkson who came in with only a couple of wins from her six fight career,but more than did herself justice on the night.


A good friend of mine and also a fan of the female fight scene as for many years prowled the beaches and clubs of Europe with his camera taking those holiday snaps you often feature in after a few free shots in a bar.The following day he sells you a copy you may show friends,but rarely family.
It was he who mentioned that since Blogger doesn't allow me to put on line video from VK and PrudeTube almost instantly take down anything which might show a nipple or worse my output as become a little tame.So he as suggested I spice things up with a few of the young ladies he as found over the years.
One of the strange things to arise from his years of prowling the Costa's etc is that he as rarely found girls willing to wrestle for real despite having photographed mud wrestling,oil wrestling and foxy boxing,not to mention those wet t shirt comp's that often degenerate into girls putting on a lesbian show.
So to spice things up just a few of his lovelies!!

Rhia O'Reilly & Kira Fox Discuss Their Match (EMPRESS PRO)

Talking about it!!!!


This interview was prior to this weekends fight,rather interesting is the change of opponent and also my mention of Kelly's record,this was only of her recognised pro bouts,she did appear as a semi pro prior to this.

UFC 193 Free Fight: Valerie Letourneau vs Jessica Rakoczy

+I'm always a little baffled as to why at thirty eight years old Jessica Rakoczy after being top rated champion of the boxing ring would want to continue taking a beating in Ultimate Fights. Next up for her opponent Valerie a trip Down Under to face Straw Weight Champ Joanna Redrzejczyk on November 15th in Melbourne.


My thanks go out again to Bartos for this visit to his attic,I have mentioned a few times that Accord was one of the earliest publications in the UK to feature even an odd page about girls wrestling or boxing. What I didn't realise till I saw this pic of the back cover of Accord was that the mag was being produced before the publishers first shop in Soho had opened.

UFC 193 Free Fight: Joanna Jedrzejczyk vs Jessica Penne

The stare down says it all this was always going to be nasty and nasty it was champion Joanne J.showed why she is so dangerous with kicks,punches and savage elbows which turned Miss Penne's face into a red bloodied mess.


It must be something in the water in Swindon as it seems to have become almost a hotbed for female boxers.Here from the Oasis Centre is a very good contest,even better when you realise the age of the girls,Kelly Morgan is 35 and this only her second bout and her opponent Melinda Lazar from Budapest is 41 and in only her 4th fight.

Natasha Sweeney VS Rebecca Davison

With a good record in kick boxing perhaps this was a mistake,Natasha Sweeney
should possibly have stuck with what she does best. The basics of pure boxing were obviously far more natural to her opponent Rebecca Davison who made short work of stopping her.But why did she just up and leave the ring before any announcements?


A fan of the semi pro boxing scene informs me of an article by a woman journalist in his local paper.She had been to a local show and witnessed her first female bout and felt it demeaning and not something ladies should take part in. This is an opinion held by a lot of women who don't understand the minds of fighters both boys and girls.Above is a selection of street fights,some are fueled by booze and others are just pure anger,but few of the girls were forced into fighting.Surely they would be better settling their differences in the boxing ring. To expand the European Boxing Federation was formed when the white collar boxing scene took off and the girls became involved.Many of the girls came from the white collar scene having found the restriction of crash hats and padding were not for them but still wanting to fight. The EBF are putting on shows in local areas in many parts of the country at affordable prices.

Updated Card for Freaky Friday Oct 30th.....


E.B.F. fighter Marie Asbo.

EBF action from Stoke on Trent Marie Asbo,her ring name in her other life she is Marie Astbury I'm told.


A few fans have been in touch since I downloaded a couple of pages from A.I.A. When the mag first hit the streets it was before the days of the internet and up until that time the idea of females wrestling and boxing was one of pure fantasy and to do it with bare breasts!!! Wow!!
On one of the forums I have read of more than one fan leaving the Swish Publications Shop in Soho clutching the brown paper bag which contained the latest issue.
You can only imagine the excitement when he opened the pages to find these pics of the girls of LGIS boxing topless in the beer halls of Germany.  The girls in this bout were Anneliese and Tina.
 Hard to believe but the year was 1978.

DWW amateur women wrestling

t This is another of those where I must bow to those of greater knowledge.I have no idea if the title is wrong but I have asked around and even among DWW's most ardent fans no one recalls anything like this.We have all seen the girls in one piece suits and bikinis but this seems to date from a time before even those were made.