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Thursday, 29 October 2015


A good friend of mine and also a fan of the female fight scene as for many years prowled the beaches and clubs of Europe with his camera taking those holiday snaps you often feature in after a few free shots in a bar.The following day he sells you a copy you may show friends,but rarely family.

It was he who mentioned that since Blogger doesn't allow me to put on line video from VK and PrudeTube almost instantly take down anything which might show a nipple or worse my output as become a little tame.So he as suggested I spice things up with a few of the young ladies he as found over the years.

One of the strange things to arise from his years of prowling the Costa's etc is that he as rarely found girls willing to wrestle for real despite having photographed mud wrestling,oil wrestling and foxy boxing,not to mention those wet t shirt comp's that often degenerate into girls putting on a lesbian show.

So to spice things up just a few of his lovelies!!

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