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Big Women Wrestling

For the love of big women,you can almost feel the sweat dripping.

Fight At Popeye's Ratchet Black Women and Teens Act A Fool Black Men Sta...

Every fans dream,a fast food shop with entertainment while you wait.


Last night was a hard nights work for the "Killer Queen" a nasty looking cut in only the second round made for a more defensive performance,but she still had enough to retain her titles.
I mentioned that I believed the fight could possibly have been on internet tv,worth noting for the future the fight was free on SPORT 1 DE. and although coverage wasn't perfect,it was worth watching with comment from Regina Halmich at ringside.

Kentikian retains Titles.

The time is 1am in Hamburg and Susi Kentikian as retained her titles on points in a bruising contest.

Caged Aggression "Sturgis" 75th Anniversary Night 1. Fight 7. Tessa Harp...

Saddle up the Harley,apparently Sturgis features the girls in MMA action in the cage.
Now I'm not 100% on this but did the announcer say one of these girls was fifty one years old? All this for free at the Beaver Bar?And are those the bar staff?

GWF Champions Night 3 - Brenda Star VS. GSW Ladies Champ Blue Nikita

A fairly new name to me is Brenda Star
a big girl born in Berlin seen here in a championship match with fellow German based Blue Nikita,born in Greece. Interestingly Brenda is listed as being 5'8"(173cm) tall,but no mention of her weight.

FSW Roxanne Steele Vs. Sera Feeny (7/18/15) Five Star Wrestling "Summer ...

Just what you need for a good show,two of the bigger girls a slightly dodgy ref and of course a belt.

Shauna Lee vs Jackie Bogart

For the girl who took this at short notice Shauna Lee put on a terrific show and with those fists maybe she would be better suited to boxing.

News from Bethelem.

My thanks to my friends in the Leeds area of the U.K.for updating me on what as been happening on their tv screens. One of the problems I have with not being able to watch the broadcast or attend the live show is that I aren't sure just how far behind some of the girls careers the featured bouts are. I say this because according to my info the first bout up on this weeks show saw Jodie Wilkinson of Castleford force Katie Lathwood
of Derby to quit in the first round,Katie was completely out classed and yet a little research found Jodie taking part in the belter of a bout at the Swindon Fight Club featured here in January this year. Next up was Sophie Varley
who featured in their last broadcast fighting for the E.B.F.Bantamweight Title against Ruth Austin from Sheffield,a girl so slim built that our friend admits when he first saw her he wasn't sure if she was a boy.She's the one on the left in this pic. The last bout of the show features Carly MacKenzie of York who featured i…


For the benefit of my friends in Germany the weigh in for Susi Kentikian's
Friday fight takes place at the Hyatt Hotel,Hamburg at 1600 hrs.I aren't 100% sure  but the fight could be featured on one of the Sport 1 tv channels.The posters advertising the fight claim this but the German tv channel as so many outlets including online it's difficult to be certain.

Women's Boxing - 3 Round Punch Up!

The description is right not a lot of defence,but some punch up.A terrific performance from two ladies who I'm informed are a little beyond the age where you would expect them to enter the boxing ring.Mention it quietly but I was informed at least one was in her mid 40's!!!!!

Night of Kombat: Poppie Gleeson Vs Hannah Evans

For want of better words,I think that's what you would call a quickie!!! No doubt Hanna really felt the pain.

"Superstars Fight League" Emma Porter v Felicity Mason

Introduced as from the House of Pain Emma certainly lived up to it,battering poor Felicity till her corner and the referee both judged her unable to take any more.

Emine Ürün vs. Isabella Kämmerer - CBA Fight Night

After I saw this I realised that I should have enquired as to how often these bouts take place at The Chinese BoxingAkademie,Köln,as it's only a matter of weeks since I was in that city.And having watched this action with their girl Emine Ürün they are worth the time for a visit.

"Newark Rookies" Megan Williams v Lucy Unijat

These two are some rookies they came to get it on and they certainly did that.I could be wrong but from what I am told neither girl can be much more than sixteen years.

PURORESU vs. JOSHI - Jun Kasai vs. Mio Shirai (Hardcore Match) - Pro Wre...

Now that's what you call hard core!!! And these fans pay to see a woman knocked about and covered in blood!

Catfight - Warrioress (2011)

I have to admit to not being any kind of expert on films and the people in them,so many is the time I have to google a name in order to realise that a person is not an unknown. This fight from the film Warrioress set me looking into the cast and the first name I came to was that of Cecily Fay,just another name I didn't recognise.A little detective work and I discovered she was actually born in Lincoln U.K.and had appeared in Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy.Now I've heard of that one,though I've never seen it. Another interesting fact I came up with is that she is only 4'8"(1.42m)tall,not exactly big for a warrior!


There's a great credit to two girls who come dressed for a fight and these two look the part.