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Saturday, 19 November 2016

Mixed Wrestling women vs men crushing fight

This is another that I can't believe escaped the Prude Tube Censor,surely the girl is having her breasts fondled and in retaliation she is having more than a little squeeze at his wedding tackle.
The final minutes sees that elderly Frenchman getting to grips with another pretty girl.


Over a good number of years we have seen any number of models,pop stars etc pictured in boxing gloves,but how many took up the actual challenge?
Former topless model and pop singer Sam Fox was the only one I can recall from the U.K.when she fought former ice skater Tanja Szewczenko in 2003 for the Promi Boxen Show on RTL tv.

Friends of mine who watched the fight live were not impressed by Sam wearing the headguard which most agreed restricted her but apparently was written into her contract.
Still a creditable performance despite the loss when you realise Sam was 37 years old at the time and Tanja a mere 24.

ONE VENUE TWO EVENTS!!!! able to get to London have a couple of events to look forward too shortly first up a promotion from Eve
on the 26th of November with what looks like a good bill of talent on the show for an admission price of £15.
Second on the 10th of December it's Xmas Party time with the girls of the
Submission Room with admission £50/£60 I'm led to believe that includes mince pies and drinks?
Both take place at the
Resistance Gallery,265,St.Poyer St,Bethnal Green,London E2 9RF.Nearest underground station is I believe Cambridge Heath a short walk away,also Bethnal Green Road is well served by buses.

Friday, 18 November 2016

Big girls catfight 2

Part two,but didn't I read somewhere that Catz Club was being revived?

Big girls catfight 1

The first of two short clips from the Catz Club.

Carry on Girls - Fight scene

Where did your interest start as almost taken on a life of it's own now,with any number of pics and films named by fans.

Apart from the gypsy girls fight in the Bond film the other that always gets a mention is this from the 1973 film Carry on Girls with the well endowed
Barbara Windsor fighting with rival Dawn Breaks(where do they get those names?)who I didn't know till recently was actress Margaret Nolan
whose career took off in 1964 with an appearance in Goldfinger and apart from Carry On films she featured in many films and tv series that older fans will recall,Danger Man,Hugh & I,The Des O'Connor Show.Morecambe and Wise and Budgie to name a few.

Don't Believe Everything You Read.

The press the world over are prone to at least a little exaggeration and Germany's former World Champ seems to have been the victim of some recently.
I was told while in Germany that Regina Halmich
had split from her man of twelve years and according to the press reports recently she was in the market for a new one.
On her facebook pages she has set the record straight explaining she has rarely spoken with the press about her private life but due to the untruths currently being published she had done an interview with Bunte the German magazine titled"The Worst Years of my Life".

Thursday, 17 November 2016

Wrestling womens vs mens * Wrestling womens vs women's * WWE wrestling 2...

Don't you just love the first bout on this,this guy Clay must be the ultimate masochist,he ranks alongside our old friend Beate who was a willing victim for Ann's boxing girls in Belgium.

East Bay Rats Fight Night 2016-09-04 #7 Brutal Girl Fight

Get out the Harley again!!!
I know there are any number of fans in the States but as yet I've not heard from anyone who as been to one of these fight nights.

Bout not Pout

I give these girls and the guys behind them all credit and look forward to seeing much of them in action.

Cat fight

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Hasna Tukic vs. Verena Kaiser Boxen in Lahr 11.6.2016

Two of Germany's best prospects in the Super Flyweight division,Verena Kaiser 24 years old
German extended her record to six wins from six bouts.
Her opponent Hasna Tukic 21
and born in Bosnia but living in Regensburg as managed 7 wins and 4 losses during her three years in Germany.

Klondyke Kate vs Big Daddy

Now this is a multiple brain tester,along with a few friends who have all been involved in the business we tried to work out the background to this.
None of us could ever recall Joint Promotions featuring female wrestlers.
But watching this it's a recording of World of Sport's wrestling prog on ITV.
Need proof?The voice over is Kent Walton,the ring announcer is Brian Crabtree,Big Daddy's brother and the promoter is likely to have been his other brother Max.
Where Jayne,Klondyke Kate fitted into the mayhem you tell us???


While we were in Germany the other week the subject came up again of where interest started and if everyone's favourite mag Amazons in Action was mentioned a number of times.

Even fans who could only read limited English had bought copies and then question was posed what was the last edition of AIA?
My best guess is no.89,but try as I might I can't put a date to it.Can you???

Wrestling womens vs mens * Wrestling womens vs women's * WWE wrestling 2...


Where were the moral guardians of Prude Tube when this appeared???
How many of us have ever been to a wedding like this?Not me anyway!!

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

UIWP ENTERTAINMENT Featuring Carmin Elexa

O.M.G.this is about as bad as it can possibly get.Surely  there can't be a market for this kind of fantasy stuff!!!


A question often posed to fans of female combat is where did that interest start a subject I have raised more than once.

So I was interested when I was contacted by a long time fan who could relate back to the comic books of the past,many of which related to the girls fighting off a rape bid or fighting their lesbian interest.

It's interesting that this style of comic book was produced not only Stateside but also in many parts of Europe.A glance at the prices gives an indication of how many years ago they came out.

Ladies Super 7 Rumble WAW 16th Anniversary

Another little piece of history,16th anniversary in February 2010 for WAW.
Still going strong the World Association of Wrestling to give the the full title have their next promotion at Breckland Community Centre,Costessy,Norfolk on the 20th of November for their Academy Show which will feature many of their up and coming stars.

Monday, 14 November 2016


The wrestling in mud and oil never seems to lose it's attraction in the States,be it night clubs,local bars or biker meets the girls get stripped for action.

East Bay Rats Fight Night 2016-09-04 #3 Lydia Girl Fight

This for me was a classic from the Rats,rarely do you see two girls continue a bout for so long at this level.


I have always felt that women's boxing was often left behind in the publicity stakes so this is a good addition.

Sunday, 13 November 2016

The Norfolk Dolls at Fightmare 2

I'm sure many younger fans will find this interesting,the girl you now know as Paige from almost ten years ago when she was Britani Knight along with Melodi her tag partner were the Norfolk Dolls at Frightmare 2.I could be wrong but I believe Britani was only around sixteen years old at the time.

The Tankō Main Event 2016 | Dakota Ditcheva v Emma Bragg

I think I'm right in saying Dakota is now eighteen and fast becoming one of those girls no one wants to fight.
The girl feeling the full force here is
Emma Bragg on her home turf in Bolton.