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Friday, 18 November 2016

Don't Believe Everything You Read.

The press the world over are prone to at least a little exaggeration and Germany's former World Champ seems to have been the victim of some recently.
I was told while in Germany that Regina Halmich
had split from her man of twelve years and according to the press reports recently she was in the market for a new one.
On her facebook pages she has set the record straight explaining she has rarely spoken with the press about her private life but due to the untruths currently being published she had done an interview with Bunte the German magazine titled"The Worst Years of my Life".

1 comment:

  1. I can understand the importance of correcting lies, distortions, untruths and other crap the media might churn out from time to time but if I were her I'd control the urge to reveal anything relating to one's worst years of one's life ...

    Who in the hell pays attention to that boar's crap, anyhow (except the morons who feast on others* misfortunes) ??? ...