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Saturday, 16 January 2016


Apart from the good looking girls this was taking he business downhill.
Around this time even genuine promoters in the States started to bring in Baywatch lookalikes whose wrestling ability was nil.

Kelly Morgan Reaction

One of the things Kelly
mentioned was her fans and viewing the fight you realise just how many were female.


If looks were the making of a fighter Peru would be producing many a champ.

Friday, 15 January 2016

Mel Barker and Tina Martin v Julia Praytor & Donna Marie

One for longtime this.Which tv channel did it appear on?
It's not from Reslo on the Welsh speaking channel and ITV's World of Sport never showed women wrestling,or did they?


Rising through the ranks is Kelly Morgan
and this fight just before Xmas as taken her that stage further by beating a tough opponent in Szilvia Szabados 25 years old from Hungary and reputed to be number two at least in Europe.

Wednesday, 13 January 2016


What do you think here?I could be wrong but I reckon one of the girls is Nancy Skavan or something similar.

Alejandra Gonzalez vs Elizabeth Sanchez 8.30.15

This is one girl that's not going to quit easily.

Tuesday, 12 January 2016


It's often thought here in the U.K.that single moms should be made to earn their welfare payments or work for them.
Could this be the way?Get in the cage and fight for them.


Now if these were the workers leaving Romania for the U.K.would people object?

Half-naked woman fights reveller outside Aberdeen kebab shop

According to papers in the of this went viral after first appearing on Facebook and then being posted on Youtube.Though the film isn't 100% clear it would appear one girl was displaying plenty of her charms by going commando.

Monday, 11 January 2016


Apparently this was kicking off in Iran and my first thought was if you can get stoned for showing your body or a spot of adultery,what does a girl get for fighting in the street under Islamic law?

More lessons in Welsh.

From Reslo another good bout featuring Donna Marie Parsons
who not long after this took to travelling and met up with her husband who having insured him for $1 Australian soon decided to have him murdered.The end product being a 23 year jail term in 2002.A sad end for a good wrestler who may not have made a million,but would at least have kept her freedom working for Orig and Reslo.
Her opponent was Taranwen
a great favourite with Welsh TV viewers.Taranwen was also known as Pippa McQueen and her publicity pics probably show why she was such a favourite.

Sunday, 10 January 2016


.My thought's on Prude Tube are fairly well known by now but the more I research their out of date morality the more annoyed I get.
I have tried and better tried to get an explanation on their policy of morals without any luck.I'm sure I can't be alone in wondering how a video of two girls wrestling can be almost instantly removed and it's author banned when this interview conducted by a lovely Aussie girl with no clothes on can be deemed highly moral.
Is it because the ageing gents featured can't raise a stiffy between them and they get a sympathy vote???


Not sure where this name is going to appear,be it Muay Thai or boxing but Nabilah Razak Marican
from Singapore will no doubt crop up in one.Currently combining working in an accounts management department with training there can be no doubting her determination.


I don't know why but I always thought of the arts of self defence to be a modern thing in the Western World brought home by travellers to the East and rarely if ever practiced by the female of the species.

Those thoughts gave way to doubt with these found by Lucky Paul and posted on the Forum,where there is also mention of Honor Blackman's Self Defence Book another I have yet to see.

More of Reslo!!!!

More of the Welsh Language with this from Reslo,I have to admit this is a new one on me probably recorded at one of those holiday complex's on the North Wales Coast.
Great  entertainment as always from bad girl Klondyke Kate
going through her bag of dirty tricks and even her opponent the lovely Angel McManus
collecting a public warning or two before things get out of hand with Angel's friend Naughty Nicky Monroe entering the ring in daywear and high heels to attack K.K.
It's possible many fans will have seen Connie Steele
wrestling without realising that she is the daughter of Jayne/K.K.and a good looking one at that.