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Saturday, 25 June 2016


You're going to fight your twin sister so why not invite the guys round to watch?

GirlFight: inVite - FULL MOVIE - girls fighting to the death

Wouldn't you just love a meeting with the people from PrudeTube?
How on earth can they justify this and object to two girls wrestling with bare breasts????

Friday, 24 June 2016

Mardan-e Khashen: Hamam Girl Fight Scene

This is one for friends around the world to solve,I had it suggested to me that it's from a film from the Indian sub-continent.Is that right??

Luzia vs Agnes

This is no doubt from the year way back when with thew young Luzia in her Baywatch suit taking on Agnes.Now whatever became of her???

Thursday, 23 June 2016


It's very easy to dismiss the early days of women's wrestling in the days when a woman would never dream of getting in the wrestling ring.

When in fact councils like the London banned them from doing so.A point touched on in this article from the Liverpool Echo by another pioneer of the time the late Moya Jones who apart from this venture was also the first female reporter to cover a football match for the Bootle Times.


It's hard to believe that our friends at Prude Tube have overlooked this for five years.Perhaps it's the strange camera angles that fooled them,but even if you have to stand on your head to view it's clear that one girls breasts are on show and have been since August 2011!!!

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

k0ng vs luFi$to

Of course wrestling's fixed!!!
How many times have you heard it?Fixed or not be you male or female do you think you could take this kind of punishment?
Almost every bout she as fought over almost twenty years as seen her taking punishment to her body and as one of those with a dodgy back I cringe every time I see LuFisto
take another body slam.

Aleksandra Lopes vs Andria Wawro

This bout attracted my interest because former MMA fighter
Andrea Wawro makes her debut against the very experienced Aleksandra Lopes
and according to the guys at ringside boxing over the pond suffers from a lack of female fighters.A familiar scenario for fans in Europe but not one I would have dreamed of Stateside.

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

jennifer blake vs kaitlyn

Fast moving action from"Girl Dynamite"Jennifer Blake
which ends in pure chaos with a ko'd ref both her and opponent Kaitlyn Diemond
claiming victory.


Another poser for long standing fans in the U.K.what as become of Dundee's own lady dawn since she left the squared circle around 1985?

Monday, 20 June 2016

New Catfight Championship 2016 WWE NXT Japan HotGril Compilation 07

What a way to treat your man,this poor skinny guy volunteers his services for a massage and then when his hands get a little carried away he gets a beating.


One for fans of the mixed wrestling scene.What's better a lovely sunny day,spread your blanket on the grass and wrestle.


A poser from a fan who follows events at the Rowley Gym avidly,is he right in thinking their output is split into two camps?
Under the TCWrestling banner the girls appear to cover up,like Halo and Rose seen here.

While under the topcatzfight banner you can see the bare breasts of Pheobe and Zsuzsa.

Sunday, 19 June 2016


The promoters dream???

Maddison Miles (16 Years Old) vs Miss Gia - UCW - April 28th 2016 (HD)

Just one from of the bouts which seem to have become a regular event.

Miss Gia interview

In recent times Madison Miles as got all the publicity as a teen debutant and the girl she is most often paired with is Miss Gia who I hadn't realised is also something of a novice.