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Saturday, 6 May 2017


I'm not a great fan of the belly punching scene as most off it is fake,with the exception of this one.


The first thing a friend of mine noticed when he viewed this was the blonde girl was wearing a wedding ring and looking at her muscles he did note that if she says no she means no.Refering to the bed wrestling I believe.

Friday, 5 May 2017

Rachel Atherton (Salford Boys Club) v Nat Whalin (Lions Den) Boxing 71kg

Two slightly heavier girls in the 71kg limit,for those who don't do metric that's slightly over 11 stone.


Despite a lack of activity for a number of  years the website of DWW as remained in place,that is until recently,now any number of fans are noting on the forums it's departure.
Very sad but all good things come to an end and a reminder of just how good with Luzia and Jana.

Thursday, 4 May 2017


A favourite with fans around the world for many years as been the gypsy girls fight in the Bond film From Russia With Love.
In my opinion the girls at Fighting Style probably produced a better and longer version.

No.23 Just a Thought.

Do you subscribe to Sky Television?I only ask because along with a lot of others I watched the Joshua v Klitchko fight in a local bar.
Now I hadn't realised how much on top of your usual monthly donation you would have had to pay to watch live at home.The cost was £19.99 in the U.K.and across the Sky receiving world around 1.5 million people tuned in.Now you know why I don't have Sky TV.
In a similar vein we are often told that boxing is losing a spectator battle against MMA and yet there were 90,000 people at Wembley.
The answer is often in the quality of the promotion and the Wembley event was promoted by Eddie Hearn who is one of the people to get things right.

That Fight no not Klitchco and Joshua,the one in Hartlepool!Apparently two"ladies"age twenty eight and sixty two were arrested by local police.I look forward to their court appearance and their explanation.

Wednesday, 3 May 2017


I doubt this kind of judo will ever make it to the Olympic Games and while going topless I would agree with,but wearing high heels???

Dulce `Sexy' García vs Yanely Hernández

I have to admit a move from wrestling into boxing is rare,so for the girl known as
Sexy Star in Mexican wrestling to move into pro boxing may even be a first.
Now known as Dulcie"sexy"Garcia
this is her debut fight.

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Keira vs Vaquerita en mano a mano en Estrellas Femeniles HUMO

This as almost everything from breast slaps,crotch kicks,attacks with seats among the spectators,high flying and even the ref being attacked.


Recent months have seen elections in the Nederlands and upcoming ones in France,Germany and of course the U.K.but how many can produce scenes like this.

Before the leader of U.K.I.P.could speak in Hartlepool this altercation broke out between two"ladies",like many in the U.K.
I was becoming a little bored with politics having had a General Election,voting for Scotland to leave or remain in the U.K.and the in or out vote on Europe.

But this as renewed my interest!!


I can only think the producers of these fights buys in briefs wholesale,as no sooner as a girl conceded she as to replace her briefs which been ripped.

Monday, 1 May 2017

Alicia Melina Kummer vs Timea Belik - 10 rounds Super Lightweight - 29.0...

Fans in Hamburg were able to witness Alicia Melina Kummer give Hungary's Timea Belik a boxing lesson.


Work this one out if you can,work out in a gym ends in sex and then an extremely long drawn out fight with one girl having the most incredible nipples.
This Korean offering starts out with an english translation but at some point the producer must get over excited and loses interest.


Is talk of a world title fight a little a little early after just five bouts?

No 22 Just a Thought.

Don't you just love road signs in other countries?I was relating the story of having passed a sign in the Nederlands close to the German border which named the nearest town as Ibonkem u wankem.
This inspired a friend to sent me this one from Schleswig-Holstein
which roughly translates to Stagger town the German word wanken as a verb means stagger or stumble.
May Day again another protest against President Trump in the States and no doubt Putin will be showing off his latest tanks and rockets in Red Square,while here in the U.K. we celebrate with Morris Men and dancing round the May Pole and celebrate the achievements of the labour movement and their solidarity with their brothers in communist parties in Eastern Europe.

I think I prefer the idea of a nice warm day and pretty girls for scenery!!!


Final press conference before Ireland's Katie Taylor takes her next step in the pro ranks.

Sunday, 30 April 2017


A great favourite with fans of Festelle was Sherry but I aren't sure who produced this and I didn't manage to catch her opponents name.


Some energetic action with the gloves on from Bitch Fight's
Kate and