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Saturday, 21 June 2014


For whatever reason Festelle operated The Private Collection side by side and a number of the girls crossed over.
One of those girls was the well stacked Luna Winters who over a number of years used her body to good effect on the stripping curcuit as well as film work from glamour to almost any fetish from spanking onwards.
The first pic comes from her appearance for Yorkshire based Fiona Cooper
who produced any number of basic glamour videos,for them she was known as Cora.
As part of her fetish career she can be seen at work for Sadie Stern
and Swish
which I believe was a seperate company to the Swish Publications which published Amazons in Action.
If my information is correct she was still plying her trade as late as 2008,believed to have appeared in Parade Magazine,possibly among Readers Wives as Fatima from Fulham.


It's well known that tv stations in the U.K.considered it to be almost immoral to feature women's wrestling on their stations.
The first real exception was the Welsh Language Channel,though fans with a dish on the wall could get Euro Sport who featured bouts like this from France.


This guy is supposed to be a spectator at the North Manchester Club,he look rather familiar to me.Someone guessed the bout as around fifteen years ago,the girl is Jodie and the referee a very youthful Pippa.

Friday, 20 June 2014


An interesting outfit is Southern Belles as it's claimed to be Southern as in South of England,

Don't be fooled as a number of the girls are part of the pro out fit headed up by Pippa and Shelby who just happen to be Manchester based.


Fairly new to the Danube Womens ranks is the lovely blonde Miriam and a tough girl she really is.

THE 70's in WALES

Some of the best wrestling in the 70's featured Rusty Blair in bouts for the Welsh Language tv Channel in the first featured here she takes on the lovely Angel Mc Manus
at the time a resident of Rhyl in North Wales.

Her second bout sees her in action against Naughty Nicky Monroe
who married wrestler Johnny South and is believed to be living in the Stratford on Avon area.The still pic from a Wrestlers Reunion of a few years back,the girl beside her is former wrestler Leather Lena.

Thursday, 19 June 2014


Two girls who really love a few slaps are without doubt Denise and Laila,be it face or body they can take it.

After twenty five minutes there's some very red skin which no doubt stung a bit as the salty sweat soaked in.


I don't know if it's me but I'm never sure if I like these type of video with a storyline.
They seem to make the ensuing fight rather false.
Topless Catfight: Jana vs Eva by obliviongu


One for film fans the original title is Italian for a film made in 1963,which when it appeared on British screens had become Thor and the Amazon Women.
The female star was Susy Sandersen,whatever happened to her?But who were the other female fighters?
gladiatrici (women gladiators) all fights HD by julianapostata

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Female Arm Wrestling Match

A more recent offering from Festelle Video and while the arm wrestling isn't bad I always feel the whole package doesn't come close to that of yesteryear.


I find it interesting how different outfits decide to have their girls dress.In the case of Bitch Fight a girls best undies including stockings and often suspender belts,not to mention the odd basque are often the order of the day.
So what's your preference?Myself I tend to go with the sporty look,including the Addidas shorts that the boxers of LGIS/Beka used to wear.


What made this fight so different?
It's unique because I don't recall seeing Luzia
take part in many fights where her face or body could be damaged by slaps or punches.

Tuesday, 17 June 2014


Sometimes when new girls come on the scene it takes time for them to join fans lists of favourites.

Inthis case I was a fan from the first time I saw both Mel and Gloria.


Same country but look at the difference,you wouldn't bet how long some of the girls from Models Wrestling would last here.
Aurelie makes easy work of the Blackmystery but can't compete with the small muscular Antscha.


Looking at the girls oufits and the filming these couple of bouts come from a different era!
But when was it!!!

Monday, 16 June 2014


An outfit which seems to have gone quiet of late is Catfights Britain an offshoot of Bitch Fight UK.Perhaps Simone didn't want her man competing with her. 
[]LAYLA V KATIE29-03-11 by selhurst65mick


They could be some fans mom or even gran,but they were without doubt lookers in their day.
But who were they?It doesn't help that the video as lost it's sound,but being from British Pathe News it's likely the bout took place in the U.K.and looking at the dress and hair styles of the spectators in the early 1960's.


Not exactly my scene,but I know many fans love the lesbian scenario.
I hate to spoil the fantasy but it doesn't exactly happen like this.

Sunday, 15 June 2014


All fans of a certain age will remember the days when we got our first video player/recorder and searched shops far and wide for video of our interest.
Spurred on by articles in our favourite mag Amazons in Action we started often by seeking out The Golden Girls those Farrah Fawcett lookalikes.
I wonder what became of those girls?


Second showing for those models in France,though one as been imported from Italy.

I really hate myself for being critical of anyone who goes to the trouble of putting on a show but for me this is still a little bit tame.

That said I can think of more than one outfit that I was critical of in the past who put out some terrific products.