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RESISTANCE Pro TV HD 08/18/15 - Crazy Mary Dobson vs. Jessicka Havok!

I had the thought a while ago that someone in Europe was making mega bucks producing boxing championship belt as there were so many champions,in the States a similar thought applies to champions of women's wrestling,almost every promotion as a champion,in this case the belt holder is
Crazy Mary. Her opponent for the belt is the monster six foot Jessicka Havok
who recently had a try out with the WWE but it seems was dropped when they discovered racist and homophobic tweets on her twitter account.

Shanna vs Sammy Baynz - AYA C.A.T.C.H. - Septembre 2015 à GAP

I can't help envy the French for this kind of weather at this time of the year,to be able to watch two girls wrestler under the hot sun as opposed to looking out this morning and thinking is that frost on the car?


One for fans in the U.K.or possibly just Wales.A fairly new name currently being marketed by Festelle Video is M.W.W.which stands for Mixed Wrestling Wales I am told. The girls look the part...Juicy ....JJ ...Jada ...& Blue I am led to believe the guy behind this is one I featured a year or two back who also as work put out by Festelle,though he ceased trading when he discovered the cost of the girls was too great.


Possibly best known for her"Death Matches"this seems a break from those and a more conventional style for Crazy Mary. At only twenty two Mary/Sarah Bridges as been doing the rounds for the past three or four years. By contrast her opponent here is twenty years old Tessa Blanchard with only twelve months experience,so all credit to her for a good performance.

SWS - Queen of the Ring

This is last years Queen of the Ring from Sweden,the going's on if you don't understand the language are sometimes a little difficult to follow,but the bouts are good value. The tape features a number of girls from that part of the world including Germany's
Lady Lory from Bremen but worked for many promotions throughout Europe. Finland is represented by
Sara Elektra who takes on Sweden's White Tigress. Another interesting one is Jessica Love
from Finland reputed to be the only trans sexual wrestler from that part of the world. For me I always enjoyed seeing Norway's
Miss Mina who for some reason I thought had retired.


From France the other day TPW of Marseille bring us what must have been in the real world a catch weight contest as Eloanne Vollere looks to out weigh Eva Summers by a fair amount.

Foxy Boxing scene from Handgun Sexy Women

A longtime fan of the fight scene mentioned some time back how he found is first interest and that was when he took his girl to see the film Handgun released in 1984 which featured a foxy boxing bout. Apparently this was very early in the film and he now admits that he became so aroused that he spent the rest of the film with his coat covering the mess he had created.


This dates back to 2009 when Natascha Ragosina stepped up to take the Heavy Weight W.I.B.F. Title against the punchbag from Guyana, Pamela London who hardly threw a punch in anger.


Fans in Belgium who can get to Antwerp on the 18th of September can see another bout between the elders of the game when Najat Hasnouni at a young thirty three years and after just three bouts in the pro ring takes on Galina Gumiiska eight years her senior for the Belgian Welterweight Title over ten rounds.

Polly Beauchamp vs Naomi Harvey

Another of those girls from the U.K.'s South West is Bath born twenty eight year old Polly Beauchamp
who was a black belt in Karate by the time she was ten but having achieved so much then quit the fight game until her twenties when she started kickboxing. Her opponent here is Naomi Harvey
from Wales the winner of this Straw Weight bout.

"Make sure she's pretty"

You have to wonder,why does she want a pretty one? It looks like she got her wish the other day,though I have to admit the name Jinny doesn't mean a lot.

Pressekonferenz - THE QUEEN TAKES IT ALL - Susi Kentikian (26.08.2015)

The"Killer Queen"will return to the ring as announced against Susana Cruz Perez a twenty five years old Mexican with a decent record over six years,17 wins and 6 losses,she as stopped eight of those opponents and been stopped a couple of times herself.

Jemma Thomas vs Stacey Henderson - Bout 3. 'Ultimate Boxing 25'

Ultimate boxing this time is the name of the game and no need for the head  guards,just two tough young ladies.