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When I first saw this I thought Usain Bolt had quit marathon running,put on some weight and taken up wrestling. 

Foxy Boxing scene from "Handgun"

A fan here in the U.K.was in contact recently and was interested in what was the first time you were attracted to the female combat scene. In his case it was this film Handgun,a fairly average film with a foxy boxing scene,he recalls seeing it in a Soho cinema in London after looking at the advertising photo's in the display outside.

MMA Lingerie Fighting Championships #7

A rather strange title when the girls are quit clearly members of DWW. Have to admit though those one piece costumes exposed some pleasant surprises.

Blow-up (1966) Nude Wrestling - Color / 3:58 mins

Prude Tube must class this as cultural or the likes or am I imagining seeing the odd bare breast and more. The girls were Jane Birkin who married composer John Barry and only recently was photographed in New York by the Daily Express in a less than flattering light. I can't help thinking Jane is best remembered for these pic's from the sixties as opposed to those published by the her 70th year.
The other girl was Gillian Hills another actress/singer of the sixties who married Stewart Young manager of AC/DC.

Raven vs Antscha

Never mind Southern Belles,this is a meeting in Manchester's Wrestling Factory with the super muscled Antscha up against Raven who is being coached throughout by her mentor Pippa la'Vinn.

Jetta vs. Sweet Saraya

Can you believe this?The Sweet Saraya in an almost sporting contest from 2004,it's often forgotten that Saraya as been around now for the best part of quarter of a century and in those early days was quite a looker.
Her opponent Jetta retired from the business about five years back,but I am informed as recently re-appeared with propects of a comeback in the States.


More than one fan as requested more info on Neil James at VK. Neil is the person posting a number of Festelle video's on VK,to track names on VK is often difficult as many like my ex wife seem to get banned for no real reason,but the vid's they have loaded often stay in place. Although I am not a member I find if I Google"festelle videos on vk"a number of options pop up.I hope this helps!!!


It as long been debated which of Festelle's videos was the best,a conversation I had recently with a long time fan who was lucky enough to have attended a few meetings in the early days when they took place in that smokey room above a pub in South London. His own favourite goes back to FV26 with the main bout being a 30 minute contest between German born Ria Klein who had pulled out of her bout on FV22 with a bad nose bleed,her opponent then as here was the lovely Fionna.

My friend recalls a wonderful 30 minutes with two super fit girls giving their all,by the end both were covered in sweat which he found very sexy. The second bout was a fifteen minute affair featuring Sandra from Bolton who later took part in a couple of notable boxing bouts and the peroxide blonde Louise
whose pubes were fairly evident and gave the game away.
Due to Blogger policy I am unable to feature video from VK,but for those who wish to view and have access Neil James features this and a few other Festelle wor…

Tank Promotions: Hannah Clark Vs Jolene Breslin

This time it's the big girls turn in the ring,though one of them looks likely to quit almost from the first bell.

Tank Promotions: Carrie Brennan Vs Stacey Walters

Got to give the girls credit this was some debut bout both girls gave their all from the first bell till Carrie was exhausted and had to quit.

24.01.2016 Fight Real Boxing Show

There can be little doubt this ranks as the classic mis-match,one girl is a lot smaller than her opponent and looks a lot younger.

Stacey Walters

Stacey looking forward to her upcoming bout.

Tank Promotions: Lisa Haine Vs Tiffany Goodale

I can't help but compare but imagine putting the posing Miss Porsche in the ring with one of these girls. They really love their girls fighting down Swindon way, Tiffany Goodale would appear to be the local favourite,but struggles against the longer reach of Lisa Haine.

Parnia Porsche Debut Boxing KO vs Sor Thammajakt - Ultra Tune

You could say this was the"fight"after all the talk!!!!
Never mind watch out for her next fight!!The 24th of June see's her take on another tiny Thai girl Kewarin Boonmee at the Town Hall,Malvern,Victoria.

Zita Zatyko - Diana Kiss: second fight

An iteresting look back to 2009 when Zita Zatyko was starting out in her homeland of Hungary,after a couple of years absence she returned to the ring in March this year to record her 17th win at 35 years old and now resident in Edinburgh,Scotland.
Her opponent Diana Kiss wa still active till active till 2012 when she was beaten in Hamburg by Maria Lindberg

KO Boxing Ice Queen vs Parnia Porsche Promo

OMG!!!Haven't we seen this nonsense before? I have to admit to being more than a little baffled as the fight is listed as Miss Porsche's debut and yet boxing's bible gives her debut as against Samon Khunrat,but whats's in a name?