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Hasna Tukic vs. Verena Kaiser Boxen in Lahr 11

A bout from last year with a strange end as Hasna Tukic's corner seem to object to the referee saving her from more punishment at the hands of Verena Kaiser. 21 years old Miss Tukic continued her varied career most recently stopped in a WBC Youth Featherweight title bout in Germany.
The winner Miss Kaiser having stopped four of her six of her opponents as not fought at all this year.

FREE MATCH: Mixed Tag Dan Evans and Natalie Wild vs Troy McCarthy and Li...

It seems new promotions are springing up in the U.K.almost daily,this one is Just Do Wrestling of St.Helens on Merseyside and like many newcomers appears to promote a good few beginners for want of better words.Their only saving grace being they have at least taken on board Scouselands favourite Lizzy Styles.

Casey Johns vs Demi Bennett : Reanimated 2017

Action from Oz with champion Demi Bennet showing all her talents including a trade mark chest slap which seems to hurt her as much as her opponent.

Roxxi Lawless vs Axl Flynn

New names to me are promoters Ultimate British Wrestling and wrestler Roxxi Lawless. UBW lay claim to being promoters for Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire where their next show for Comberton Sports and Art Centre,Cambridge on the 3rd of June as been cancelled and having seen this bout I can't claim to be shocked.


Nuisance Calls!!! I wonder if other people get nuisance calls as regular as those aimed at the U.K.?

On a daily basis I answer the phone to a scam merchant trying to convince me my internet connection is about to fail and for a price he can fix it.The caller is almost always Charles or James!!!With a pronounced Asian accent!!!
In recent days they claim to be from British Telecom,Openreach and Talk Talk.

I lay the blame with the companies that have almost to a man moved their call centers to Asia for cost reasons.The money they save is on the wage bill which their staff supplement by selling our info to friends to pull scams.
By early evening I have become a raving racist with language best termed as industrial.

While my patience lasts I find answering in German confuses them and a friend of mine as learned a few phrases in Russian for the same reason.


I seem to recall having seen another two parts to this one,though at the moment I can't think where. Not to worry though because as a work of fantasy this is possibly one of the better efforts I have seen.

Match 4 Angel Dust vs Taeler Hendrix

I often wonder how many promoters in the States go bust every year when you see the number of spectators in attendance despite the appearance of quality wrestlers in Angel Dust and her opponent Taeler Hendrix.

Little Miss Roxxy Vs Lana Austin at TNT Wrestling

I was pleased to see this as TNT Promotions of Liverpool suddenly departed the scene about twelve months ago with a promise to return.I don't know if this was a first since that time but I'm sure many fans on Merseyside will welcome their return.


This is another of those that no one appears to be able to name the producer or even the wrestlers.

Helu vs Meleisea Women_s Heavyweight Titles - NZ C

The heavy weight division seems to be attracting more girls from down under the NZPBA Title being fought for here in Alrie Meleiisea's home patch of Auckland,New Zealand,her opponent Nailini Helu was born in Tonga but is now resident in N.Z.


Two of Festelle's most popular go for a cash prize from a sponsor and try as she might Helen is unable to stand the power in Susan's legs. It's probable that this was one of Helen's earlier bouts as she was often a formidable opponent for Maggie Jennings.


This kicked off outside Tesco Express in Bold Street,Liverpool.Another good City for U.K.fight spotting.


Just 24 hours ago Manchester was attacked by a suicide bomber,latest reports claim he was allowed into the an asylum seeker and decided to repay the countries good will by killing and injuring many young people attending a pop concert. And still Europe allows them to flood in,no one can fail to have sympathy with people fleeing genuine terror but sadly many are bringing a culture that is not compatable to the western world. European leaders from Frau Merkel in Germany to our own Prime Minister Mrs.May don't live near the bombers,rapists and kiddie fiddlers they have invited in so are unlikely to change course.


A battle of European strong girls as Austria's Christina takes on Paddy announced as from Nottingham.
Rather strange as I seem to recall her also being Maggie Jennings sister.


I seem to recall this was two ladies of ill repute getting it on.They certainly dressed  for the job,or should that be undressed?


Hard to work out what caused this but that smaller girl certainly lost some blood!!

Bruchenball Damen-Women Hohenlockstedt MPS 2016

If I can I'd love a trip into Lower Saxony to sample some of this od times fun.

Surely Not!!!

Do the fans of mixed wrestling believe they would enjoy this kind of treatment?

Bruchenball Damen Women Rastede 2012

No i8dea of the rules but it looks great fun!!

MANCHESTER U.K.Diary Date!!!

Saturday 3rd June at 1pm,Pippa's Wrestling Factory,Manchester. The Dare Devil Show with girls booked so far. Thunder Raven Pussy Willow Orsi B. Princess Nikki Roxi Spice Shelby Beach and of course Pippa!!!

Night of Kombat Karolina Wojcik Vs Polly Beauchamp

The attraction of those girls who come from a MMA background and take on the challenge of boxing is they come to fight and are often lookers.

Anissa Meksen vs Gabriella Mezei (22-04-2017) Full

Anissa Meksen on her first boxing bout away from her career in MMA,so this is a good win against a more experienced Romanian Gabriella Mezei

Bruchenball Damen Women MPS Dresden 2015

Strange going's on in the State of Lower Saxony in Germany.

Kelly Klein vs Maddison Miles

A day apart and a different venue and a different result for Maddison Miles.