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Friday, 26 May 2017


Nuisance Calls!!!
I wonder if other people get nuisance calls as regular as those aimed at the U.K.?

On a daily basis I answer the phone to a scam merchant trying to convince me my internet connection is about to fail and for a price he can fix it.The caller is almost always Charles or James!!!With a pronounced Asian accent!!!
In recent days they claim to be from British Telecom,Openreach and Talk Talk.

I lay the blame with the companies that have almost to a man moved their call centers to Asia for cost reasons.The money they save is on the wage bill which their staff supplement by selling our info to friends to pull scams.
By early evening I have become a raving racist with language best termed as industrial.

While my patience lasts I find answering in German confuses them and a friend of mine as learned a few phrases in Russian for the same reason.

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  1. Yes ... This is also a rat's ass of a problem over here in 'Murkinland ... These crank calls (at least as far as dialing goes) are all automated and/or robot-controlled ... What many of us do is use our Caller ID to screen the incoming phone number ... If it's unfamiliar we set the phone to cancel the call or send any incoming message to voice mail ...

    {Note: The latest threat is for scammers [if you do answer the call (in any language)] to auto-record your voice ... Once they have a recording of your voice, they then make duplicate messages using words composed of the same properties as your voice (pronunciation, intonation, pitch, voice inflection, etc.) ... They then use these phony messages to verbally spoof your ID if a security feature like voice ID is required to access private information by phone (say, from a credit card or bank account) ... So, unless you know who in the hell is calling you, it might be a damn good idea to refrain from answering any unfamiliar incoming calls at all ...}

    Of course, you could always compose your own automatic greeting for unfamiliar or unwanted calls and base it on something like this ...

    (Click here ...)