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OFFICIAL VIDEO Cabbage Patch Bar Coleslaw Wrestling Bike Week 2014

I have a friend who some years back toured the States and to this day regrets never taking in a visit to this biker event.

cOw Summerbash 2015 - Regina Red vs Summer

Action from Birkenfeld in Germany with what look very like two novices,Regina Red is one  of those mystery Russians who promoters seem to find from time to time.
Her opponent in this loser leaves town match is the aptly named Summer,taking part in the Summer Bash Promotion.


Sunday December the 6th if you can get to East London and the York Hall,Bethnal Green among a full boxing show are three female bouts. Top of the bill for the ladies will be London's Marianne Marston in a Bantam Weight Title Unification bout against Hungary's Csilla Nemedi for the WBU,WBF & WIBC Belts.
Also featured will be former"star"of Big Brother Angel McKenzie,British Masters Super Fly Weight Champ Juliette Winter and a return to the sport of Jamie Johnson the opponents for them as yet to be announced.
Ticket prices start at £35.00.

Armoury Boxing Friday Night Fight, 15 Aug 2014

The idea of white collar boxing I'm led to believe came from Gleason's gym in the States and as since spread far and wide.Till I saw this bout I'd never realised there were bouts taking place in South Africa. This I'm informed was the only female bout on the bill this particular night and featured Charlotte Olthoff a twenty nine year old journalist against Nicky Capula a 43 year old skin & wellness therapist.
Fans in South Africa may like to keep up with events as the next is on the 20th of November if more girls will be taking part remains to be seen.

Tori Crosby TKO - East Bay Rats

Any promoter needs a star attraction and in Tory the East Bay Rats have that,a girl who really loves a fight.

Jacki Calvo vs María Goreti

I have noted many times how Europe throws up mystery fighters in this case you could add Mexico,Jacki Calvo
at only 19 as had six bouts and yet her opponent Maria Goreti is 27 and on her debut.

Toughwoman World Championship 1999

Housewives,moms,boxers,streetfighter the fit,the flabby they all took part and the bonus world title bruiser.

Women Sports Fight Compilation Part 1

Surely the term is sport's women?Not too sporting me thinks!

Diary Date!!!

28th of November the Esprit Arena,Dusseldorf see's a multi world title fight when Switzerland's Ormella Domini with a nine fight unbeaten record possibly steps up in class to take on Norway's Cecillia Braekhus
for the WBC,WBA,IBF,WBO and IBO Welter weight titles.

A New Beginning Penny Murby Vs Jolene Breslin

Two more girls making their debut  in Swindon,while Penny came in with a superb trim body her opponent Jolene looked badly out of shape. Both showed enough though to give it another go.

Kat Charysma vs. Beatrice Domino - 10.24.15 Fernley, NV

There are times when you have to give credit to girls for their work and this is one,you can only guess what it felt like trying to get a crowd reaction from so few people. It's hard to imagine who felt worse the hard working Kat and Beatrice Domino or the promoter who must have been dreading the time coming when he had to pay up!!


In recent times many fans in Europe have complained about the number of girls coming out of the old Eastern Republic States and entering the boxing ring,many are in their thirties and look like they have never fought before. Which makes it a bigger mystery when Aida Halac
with good record of wins and some against useful opponents is missing from the scene,her last bout was some twelve months ago.As she joined the ranks of MMA fighters?
Meanwhile her opponent Mirela
of the strange striped leggings is still around and with one exception still losing.


Lynn Harvey after her pro debut in Dublin on Friday night,looking forward to some harder contests after disposing of her opponent in 59 seconds!!!

No Guts, No Heart, No Glory: Boxing Play

I'm not sure this play is still doing the rounds as J believe it first came out last year. It did set me thinking though,what as become of the lovely
Ambreen,don't seem to have heard of her recently?

Horrors of Spider Island (1960) - Exotic Dancer Catfight

From the days of black and white movies this comes from a German production Ein Toter hing im Netz,which became "A dead one hung in the web" which was dubbed into English and eventually after a few more name changes and some nudity taken out released in 1962 as Horrors of Spider Island. The girls doing the fighting are Austrian Barbara Valentin who was often refered to as Germany's Jayne Mansfield.I think that's called poetic licence,born in Vienna,Austria!!! Another strange claim to fame is that she was romantically involved in the 80's with Freddie Mercury and featured on the video the Queen song "It's a Hard Life". Her opponent is Eva Schauland was born Eva Maueroff in Poland whose career in Germany appears to have covered the odd marriage where she got her surname through dancing,singing and films.

Hope Wrestling - Underwood 2015 B

A fairly new name to me is Hope Wrestling who appear to operate around Nottingham and the East Midlands,this show took place at the Underwood Miners Welfare Club where the girls in this contest didn't really give the smallish crowd value for money. And I doubt Violet Vendetta's whinging on the mic at the end of the bout will draw many of the spectators in for the next show there.
To be fair the show scheduled for Milton Keynes on the 21st of this month does look like a vastly improved bill with the girls taking part being the well known Liberty and Leah Owens.

new Generation wrestling "Switchback 2015" Misfit vs. Alice

The crazy saga continues,should Alice lose this bout at Halloween to the Misfit she must go ahead and marry him!Small wonder she looks so happy. A fan in Germany who wishes to remain nameless believes Alice to be a girl originally from Poland who makes up her wages with private wrestling sessions with fans.