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The video of the boxing bout I put on line without comment the other day came from my friend in the  Leeds area who had updated me on Sam Smith the local boxer. I have to admit that two girls with only first names fighting for a title belt was a slight baffler.On my request for more info I'm told Tanya is Tanya Lockhart from the Nottingham area and Rachel is Rachel Hepton from the Leeds area however my friend couldn't tell me where the fight took place,though he does tell me that it was a promotion seperate to those put on by the Bethlehem Boxing Club in the Leeds area.
I have since been told that like a few of the boxers currently appearing in shows one or possibly both have a background in MMA.

Steffi Schuenke vs Masa Kristic

The female boxing scene be it here in Europe or in other parts of the world seems to throw up mytery fighters who fight once and then depart the scene for good.One such would appear to be Masa Kristic who by her name is possibly an import from Eastern Europe  but whose name doesn't appear on Steffi's record of wins.
Having said that Steffi despite looking the part seems to lack some aggression a fact borne out by her record of ten wins from eleven,but still only fighting four rounders against novice fighters.Her latest was a TKO against a girl from Bosnia who was on her debut,not good three years after her own debut.


Is it the numbers of female bouts taking place in recent times that confuse the record keepers? A fan of Sam Smith the Leeds boxer made the point when I mentioned to him that I had heard nothing of her recently despite going to the supposed bible of results BoxRec.
According to their records Sam's last bout was on the 28th of February this year against France's 39 year old Super Featherweight Taoussy L'Hadji in Leeds. No mention of her bout at the York Hall,Bethnal Green on the 25th of June where she beat Bilitis Gaucher a 27 year old French girl.
Also were BoxRec to be believed Sam made her debut in March 2015 and yet fought a  bout against Carl Mcnaul at The Villager,Bramley at least a year earlier and my informant tells me this was the second meeting of the pair.

Elite Promotions Battle Ground - Gemma Hines vs Rachael Rowe

Another of those boxing matches from the cage,the only info I have on this one is that Rachel Rowe is a rated amateur at the Runcorn A.B.A.

Maddison Miles vs Ray Lyn

The teenage Maddison Miles still working her way up the ranks this time against Ray Lyn another relative newcomer of only around three years experience.



Elite Promotions BattleGround - Sophie Armstrong vs Ann Brindley

From Liverpool this one is a bit of a mystery,two girls boxing in the cage!!! My local informant tells me that Ann Brindley is the senior instructor at the Brindley Martial Arts Academy in Runcorn.


A great favourite with fans in the U.K.some years back was Manchester's Tracey Kemp seen here in action against another teenager at the time Sarah Robbin.A number of those fans have asked what became of her?
Sadly I have to report that she died in 2011 aged just 42.I have to admit to having not known and I am told the only person to report it at the time was in fact Saraya Knight.

Lia Joyce vs Carolin Ott - Lingerie Boxing at Day of Destruction 11

Something more than a little different from Germany.A Day of Destruction is a promotion which as moved around Germany as kick boxing/martial arts show,but where Lingerie Boxing fits in I have no idea.

Parnia Porsche Fight Malvern Town Hall

Action from Melbourne Australia featuring top model,rapper and now boxer Parnia Porsche in her second bout,she definetly looks the part but lets see her in with a girl who wants to fight. 


Thousands of fans of female boxing visit Mallorca every summer so the mag Deluxe Mallorca Autumn Edition is worth keeping an eye out for as it features long time German World Champion Regina Halmich in an article headlined''Boxing can be sexy too'' on page 32,though I'm told the article is mainly about Regina's rise as a celebrity since retiring from the ring.The mag is one of those up market efforts probably aimed at those who are likely to have gold taps in their bathroom.
While Deluxe Mallorca is upmarket on the other side of life Regina also featured in the December edition of Hinz & Kuntz which is the German equivalent of The Big Issue the U.K.mag sold by the homeless.While Deluxe Mallorca is in German and English,Hinz & Kuntz is only in German.

FREE MATCH: Scotty Vortekz vs. Mickie Knuckles - Loose Light Tubes from ...

Can't help thinking you wouldn't want a ringside seat when Mickie is appearing.


I couldn't let Nicola Adams second gold medal in the Olympic boxing ring at flyweight go without paying her credit,the only thing spoiling it for me was the girls are still wearing crash hats,even now after the guys have cast their's aside.
I couldn't help thinking how would she go in the pro ring?A silly question,maybe but I can't help recalling a young man who had looked a good amateur and turned pro,a friend of mine was persuaded by his promoter to sponsor him.He may as well have thrown a few thousand pounds on the fire and let it burn.Once the crash hat came off you wouldn't have backed him in a fight with my friend his sponsor's wife. To go back to Nicola after her win in 2012 she let it be known that she was bi sexual,this killed most of the stories the popular press were working on,but surprise,surprise after this weekends win The Pink News as now taken credit as''she is one of ours''obviously not understanding the meaning of the word bisex…

Women's Wrestling - Sjodin vs Davids

A second classic contest from the promoters Eve,does this prove the market for real wrestling?