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Monday, 22 August 2016


I couldn't let Nicola Adams second gold medal in the Olympic boxing ring at flyweight go without paying her credit,the only thing spoiling it for me was the girls are still wearing crash hats,even now after the guys have cast their's aside.

I couldn't help thinking how would she go in the pro ring?A silly question,maybe but I can't help recalling a young man who had looked a good amateur and turned pro,a friend of mine was persuaded by his promoter to sponsor him.He may as well have thrown a few thousand pounds on the fire and let it burn.Once the crash hat came off you wouldn't have backed him in a fight with my friend his sponsor's wife.
To go back to Nicola after her win in 2012 she let it be known that she was bi sexual,this killed most of the stories the popular press were working on,but surprise,surprise after this weekends win The Pink News as now taken credit as''she is one of ours''obviously not understanding the meaning of the word bisexual.

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