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ARM wrestling Competition & • more •

A girl getting quite a following with fans of fitness and muscle Lucy certainly looks the part.


A friend of mine who saw this came up with the suggestion that the guy had a few too many beers last night and couldn't perform,so wifey dragged him to a gym where all her friends were waiting dressed him in a pair of her tights(pantyhose)and gave him a good beating.

Crystal Hackman vs Kristen Spencer

This took place a few years back,but for out and out violence from two girls who are not the most skilled it is almost a classic.


Ever wondered what your wife does when she goes to the gym?

Princess Paula & Klondyke Kate v Teenage Tracey & Nicky Monroe

Another from the days when Welsh tv featured the ladies,the Reslo shows like this were often broadcast from Holiday Camps around North Wales where Klondyke Kate had a almost pantomime villain status with the kids.


Sad news as just reached me of the passing of the pioneer of the scene Judell Dulong the lady who got many a fans interest in a world where the girls wrestled for real.
Without this lovely lady it's often said we would probably never seen the likes of DWW and others. RIP JUDELL DULONG.

Crazy Woman Fight!

Another attempt to copy Queen of the Hood?


I'm always a little baffled as to why DWW went from the successful format of boxing topless to the girls stripping naked and almost always to forget the boxing and roll around the mat in what is often not good wrestling.


Doesn't time fly it's hard to believe this was twenty two years ago and don't some of these girls look young and sylph like?


Another of those worst of the worst from Japan.This time it's the schoolgirl theme,for some reason in a ring,where it takes half the time limit to realise it's warm work in school uniform and they strip down,a little.


An outlet that we in the U.K.didn't get too much from was Video Sports which is a shame as only now are we getting more of their work on the net.

Just a Thought 36.

BATH TIME!! In preperation for the arrival of the great unwashed and rent a mob in Hamburg for the G20 German police have a garage full of water cannon.
In the U.K.we often ask why don't we use this tactic?Are that's right those from rent a mob who have never worked nor are ever likely to work have human rights.Welcome to my world gone mad!! Reasons Why? Even before the G20 Summit had started the water cannon were deployed to remove unautherised gatherings and camping from the Altona area of Hamburg.
They were also used in the St.Pauli neighbourhood where protestors were blocking roads in various locations having already been used on Sunday night to clear around 600 people from an illegal tent city on the banks of the Elbe where pepper spray was also used. The authority's are expecting around one hundred thousand of the great unwashed.Sounds like a hell of a lot of water and pepper spray to me!!!

SATURDAY in Germany.

Just a reminder for fans in Germany WBF Lightweight Champ Nicole Wesner defends her title against Hasna Tukic some seventeen years younger than Miss Wesner.
The bout takes place at the Friedrich-Ebert-Halle,Ludwigshafen and looking the past records may or may not be worth few litres of fuel to go and watch.


I'm always a beaten by how a country that turns out so much good stuff can also churn out these.I can't make my mind up which is worse  the girls who start out with whips,or the mixed match with the worst masked man ever.

XANA and others at Athena.

Xana is probably the star of this tape in her bout against Kassidy,though the others are well worth the watch.


I wonder how many times this scenario as been played out.

Angel McManus vs Rusty Blair

You'll have to indulge me when I dig  odd ones of these out,but the late Orig Williams in Rhyl,North Wales was one of the first promoters to give the ladies a real go and Angel and Rusty were very popular at the time.


A friend of mine mentioned talking with my ex and her telling of the time when I volunteered my services as minder to a stripper who worked bars and clubs. She still laughs when she describes me at the side of a little stage,knuckles rubbing on the ground picking up items of discarded clothing while watching for the odd groper at the front. Surprisingly I only recall one such groper and for my part I carried the guy out with a busted nose after the stripper hit him!! My mate picked out these couple of videos because they remind him of girls who worked those bars and the sort of acts they put on.


How many fans would gladly swap places with Clay who seems to spend his days getting to grips with some lovely young ladies.

'Unladylike' - The fight for female boxing

Only a short time as passed since this was made and in may cases women's boxing still operates almost underground on a semi pro level. It's interesting to hear some of the pioneers of recent years like Jane Crouch and the reaction to those bouts a little further back with Sue Atkins who did in fact take part in a bout for Festelle,but not topless.


Got to admit this was something different for the weighin.Though what relation to a Native American Poland's Miss Brodnika is I have no idea.
Interestingly she as 14 wins from 14 fights at Super Featherweight,though all have been on home soil.