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Saturday, 15 August 2015

Huge Compilation of Belly Attacks In Female Wrestling

This must be what they mean when they say you need a strong stomach.
These girls are testing the theory.


This is from the 1970"classic"When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth,the the thing about starring in these kind of films is  you'd have no problem learning the lines,which for the most part appear to be a series of grunts.
Although many of the actors are unfamiliar one whose name instantly rung a bell for me was Carol Hawkins
who is well known in the U.K.for her work in Carry On films and in the tv series Please Sir
where she starred as the blonde Sharon Eversliegh.

Friday, 14 August 2015

#FreeMatchFriday: Sammii Jayne Vs Debbie Sharpe - Union Square 2015

You can almost count on one hand the number of Fridays in Scotland where the sun shines.
So when it does the Scot's lassies take the show to the streets.

Nancy Kumi vs Lena Blair

I could almost be guilty as charged by the fan who thinks I have gone down the road of the pro match ups recently,I admit that in some cases this as been forced on me by the policy of PrudeTube and also blogger's own policy with regard to certain sites which it doesn't allow downloading from.
I also admit to my liking for some of the nostalgia which is appearing,I mentioned before the efforts of Klondyke Kate getting her award from fellow pro's,the award presented by Leather Lena
another award winner herself seen here in action in Japan.

Thursday, 13 August 2015


For a long number of years the establishment in pro wrestling here in the U.K.didn't recognise the ladies and they were only finding work with the independent promoters.
So it as been a great pleasure over the last few years to see the girls presented to the wrestling world as the stars they were and many still are.
This years British Wrestlers Reunion brought a Hall of Fame Award
for Klondyke Kate a thirty odd year veteran of the business,although I was unable to get there I am told it was worth the effort just see the sylph like Klondyke
who as lost 60kg from her fighting weight,that's almost nine and a half stone in real money.

Presenting her award was former opponent Leather Lena/Lena Blair
or as she is now Barbara Swann still a good looker with a degree in art.

羽柴真由美 VS マスクドチェリー

More apprentices?This time from Japan and though I find it hard to work out with girls from that part of the world,looking considerably younger.

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Camille & Caroline vs Sarah & Elodie

A sort of apprentice training scheme in France?Credit the girls while they may not have been issued the glam outfits yet but their wrestling is coming on.

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Kim Berley vs Bulla Punk

A lovely sunny day in France and the ladies contest features Bulla Punk 100kg/220lb fourty one year old French woman.
Quite often wrestlers from mainland Europe appear in the the case of the lovely Bulla despite having worked France,Belgium and Germany the last time she was seen in the U.K.was around seven years ago when among other thing she appeared as a tag partner to the Sweet Saraya.

Monday, 10 August 2015

Fierce Females - Struth Sheila - Full Show

A complete show of the best girls appearing in Scotland for Fierce Females.
The show carries the title"Struth Sheila"possibly because like many of their shows it took place at the Walkabout in Glasgow.

Sunday, 9 August 2015

Italian Women Wrestling Bikiini Wrestling-- mixed headscissor woman and man

A selection of nice slim girls from Italy,I never thought of Italy as a hot bed of female wrestlers,but some of these girls look quite able.

WTF TV Live 5/19/15: Thunderkittens Edition

I have to admit to knowing little or nothing about Thunder Kittens,though for me this looks a little tame,perhaps the term kitten as opposed to cat says it all.