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Thursday, 13 August 2015


For a long number of years the establishment in pro wrestling here in the U.K.didn't recognise the ladies and they were only finding work with the independent promoters.
So it as been a great pleasure over the last few years to see the girls presented to the wrestling world as the stars they were and many still are.
This years British Wrestlers Reunion brought a Hall of Fame Award
for Klondyke Kate a thirty odd year veteran of the business,although I was unable to get there I am told it was worth the effort just see the sylph like Klondyke
who as lost 60kg from her fighting weight,that's almost nine and a half stone in real money.

Presenting her award was former opponent Leather Lena/Lena Blair
or as she is now Barbara Swann still a good looker with a degree in art.

1 comment:

  1. Hats off !!! and Cheers !!!! to (both ?) fine women for their recognition (it's about time). (So where's Barbara's Hall of Fame award ? ... She also got one, at some time, right ??? ... )

    Both look super (Klondyke probably even better since she shed those pounds).

    Glad the BWR finally got its act together and finally did its part for the women (and special shout-out should go to FSM for its part in all this, too).

    (Klondyke is a sylph ??? ... Hmmmmmm ... based on the context you're using it in, I'd say that needs some translation ... )