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One of those who seems to have been around forever is Tina but this looks to be a very early offering.


I know sisters don't have to look alike but are Leather and Lace stretching things a bit here?


Some years back these girls were extremely popular Stateside and then they were gone without trace.


I have said many times that possibly the guys must be gay,but the other day I spoke with a friend in Germany who had claimed that in a number of mixed bouts she had taken part in the man would only last a short time.She as now admitted that there are some men who like this one no matter what would remain flacid.

Backyard Babe Boxing in Milwaukee: Part 3

Third and last,am I the only one who would love to hear the background to this bout?

Backyard Babe Boxing in Milwaukee: Part 2

Round two and at least one girl is getting warmed up.

New York Nights(1984) catfight

One for the film buffs again,the girls in the fight were Leslie Arnette and Teri Tirapelli but apart from one of them appearing in an earlier film they seem to be lost in the mist of time.

Backyard Babe Boxing in Milwaukee: Part 1

The first of three rounds for today.

Transgender Boy Wins Girls' High School Wrestling Title Amid Controversy

The first thought that came to mind when I saw this was,somewhere there must be a pro wrestling promoter rubbing his hands together with a contract ready to wave in front of this girl/guy.

Silvia v Vera

Foxy Combat seem to like creating a story line for their films and intentional or not this one seems to lean heavily toward being a school girl battle,if only by the way Silvia and Vera are dressed.


When I saw this I couldn't decide if it was a re-issue or new.Why?I seem to recall sometime back a producer being jailed in the States for filming local down and outs being beaten by young ladies.Surely they aren't out and doing the same again?

24.02.2017 - Cecilia Braekhus vs Klara Svensson

The last weekend's top bout with the WBC,WBA,IBF,WBO and IBO Welterweight Titles on the line and another win for adopted Norwegian Cecilia Braekhus over Sweden's klara Svensson at the Spectrum,Oslo in Norway.

SK Fight Club - SKFC2 Charlie Mackay vs Chelsea Jones

Action from the SK Fight Club of Stockport in Cheshire.


A full hour of Susan Strong showing her erotic side against the lovely honey skinned Mandy and two coloured girls first was Vickie and to finish the shortest and possibly the most erotic with Lee F.

Festelle Kick Boxing.

I think this is fairly unique in not being one of the most viewed,infact it takes a lot of tracing back.Most fans have seen Toni and Dawn in kick boxing action on FV115,But this much tamer version was released much later listed as FV147/2 and yet in Festelle's listings it doesn't appear but a similar bout listed as FV147/3 does.

*FREE MATCH* Shanna V Hikaru Shida

From the Music Entertainment Centre in Swindon fast moving international action.

Holiday Special 12/9/16: Allie Kat vs Tank Engine Thomas

Great big girl v big guy action,when I saw the names I had vision of the Fat Controller as referee.

gladiatrici (women gladiators) all fights, HD

Another pile of bodies as the evil queen forces the captured girls to fight. The film"starred"Susy Anderson as Tamar and Carla Foscari as Ghebel Gor.

gladiatrici (women gladiators) training HD

Released around 1963 this Italian/Yugoslav film was better known as Thor and the Gladiator Women and Women Gladiators.