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With regard to the anon coment of the other day,my thanks for that fans interest and although I would not regard myself as an expert on the subject I will try and cast some light on how to do it!!!Firstly never try to force the issue,there are examples all over the net of girls who have taken part solely to please their man.Most make very sorry viewing,a good starting point can be seen here,the good old arm wrestle.Enjoyed by the girls and spectators alike.[TO BE CONTINUED]


Not quite as much rivalry in these clashes.Is that because the girls are fighting naked?Well worth a look though as one clip features one of my long time favourites,Tracey,the girl who for me won the Festelle incredible nipples contest.This time she appears to be getting the worst of things against Claudia.The other clip features two relative novices in Jules and Candice.


Mention of Sue Catkins bout with Sandra brought to mind what a pioneer Sue was.Sue Atkins to give her the name she was born with was found by Alastair Segerdal a photographer and reporter,not to mention a great fan of womens boxing who sadly passed away in 2003.Alastair I believe was one of the fans who reported on the LGIS show at Watford for Amazons in Action magazine.This was the show when Sue took on a topless Karen Hecke,with the referee having to stop the contest to save the bare breasted German girl further punishment.Sue was a gardener from Streatham in South London and rather surprisingly was introduced to boxing by her boyfriend.Despite female boxing being in its infancy Sue's career was still evident in 1993 when she fought a bout at the Foresters Arms in Tooting Broadway.


One of the things which made LGIS and Beka Film for me and many other fans was that bouts from time to time took place before a live crowd,something which in this day and age seems to have been forgotten about.The thing that does always beat me though is where an elderly lady fighting topless fits into the scene.Though Iseem to recall she was possibly someones mother,at one stage fighting her daughter.