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All the action from Models Wrestling's March Event is currently available on DVD all ten bouts are priced at 75€,it's also possible to purchase individual bouts
for anything between 13€ and 22€.


It's a belief by many in the wrestling game that much of the best talent is coming out of Scotland and Viper as got to be proof.
Born in Ayrshire Kimberley Benyon is certainly racking up the air miles.

UK Girls Wrestling ( Michelle vs Paulina Lee ) HQ

I have to admit this one baffled me a little,Michelle who?And Pauline Lee is another name that doesn't ring a bell. At first glance it looks like a training exercise for the Manchester girls or possibly an earlier Reslo from Wales.

Tag Team Afl. 4 - Brazilian jiu jitsu

Where else could you find two guys dressed as Santa fancying their chances against a lovely young lady.Well done Jeppe and Vince from the Nederlands.

KO Boxing Parnia Porsche

This as got to be worth following,it would appear Parnia is some kind of"z list celeb"down under.


Is it a good move at Fighting Dolls to vary their output to include things like hair pulling and face sitting,not to mention trash talk and breast smother.All of which have been a part of wrestling and catfight matches,so is it a fetish too far to make film of this in isolation.
One of the new features is slapping which did attract my interest mainly because it featured the veteran Edita from the days of DWW and what a treat when you realise she is now 40 years old and if there is an advert for the fitness of the girls who wrestle compare her body to that of her opponent the 29 years old Eva.

Eva Wahlström Pro Debut

I am often critical of those girls from Eastern Europe imported into Germany at an advanced age and then taking a beating,so it's interesting to look back on this bout from Finland where Eva Wahlström made her debut at twenty nine years old.
Her opponent was Irina Boldea from Romania who seems to have retired after her next beating a year later.

Catch Can Wrestling at Jiu Jitsu in the Park

I was interested in this as this was the way many people got into wrestling and learned the skills that would serve well in the pro ranks.Just a shame the silicone sisters never gave it a go.

UK Girls Wrestling ( Shelby vs Diana ) HQ

A number of fans have noted that Shelby's opponent here is not Diana,but Shay Hendrix. Possibly this is due to her former day job as a trouser snake wrestler.


My thanks to fans Stateside for info on the death of Candi/Kelli Thomas,apparently she passed away after a combination of a heart attack and diabetes.
I am informed that she was only 43 years of age,a great loss.


Even after googling the language I aren't a great deal wiser but the action is always worth watching.


2nd and 3rd of July is the date and the venue Padova in I believe Northern Italy.
This is one that from what I understand as outpriced itself before the first fall and that's even if you live in Italy. Should you know different let us know!


News as only just reached me of the death of Candi/Kelli Thomas a fans favourite with Leather & Lace among others some years back.
As yet no further info as come to hand as to cause etc.I'm sure in time to come we will learn more,but for now sympathy to her friends and family and R.I.P.

Women Wrestling And Arm Wrestling 1

A mix of all sorts to get us over the Bank Holiday here in the U.K.where the weather as taken it's usual turn for the worse.

UK Girls Wrestling ( Tina vs Kathy Keegan ) HD

What's in a name?I have often wondered over the years how many female wrestlers have adopted the surname Starr or Star?


My ex sent me a clip from a recent copy of Manchester's Evening News with details of the British Army's most recent poster girl who got into a altercation in a bar in a quarter known as Manchester's Gay Village.
The end product being a court appearance after with a single punch she broke a gay mans nose and blacked eye of the girl next to him.
And my ex's interest!!In a past rather crazy life she well recalls me relating one of the toughest nights I ever had working security was at a gay club where I had to intervene in what started as hand bags at ten paces.I had bruises and scratches that took days to heal,not to mention the amusement of friends when it came out how I got them.